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Concerning News: The Second Letter

Started by Nehemia
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
To the Jaarl of Riften
4th of the Frostfall, 2E 575

My old friend, I wish when I send the courier on his way, he would bear good news. It has been a month since of my last letter, and as promised, I can now provide you with evidence to confirm my suspicions. However, this evidence is grave news.

Recently, a group of grave robbers, calling themselves adventurers managed to locate an torn page of some sort of an codex. It is referred as the "Section Thirteen, The Fungus feast." After analyzing the pages contents, it is clear that the Foundation is indeed an clan of vampires. The page explains that the organization clearly follows strict discipline, exception being this feast. I believe it is no coincidence that this feast is held on the summoning day of Molag Bal, who'm is believed to be the birth giver of vampires. This specifically mentioned date alone supports my theory, but what truly, ironically to say is the nail to the coffin, is the following excerpt from the page. "To feed from each others cattle." According to my theory, this cattle is a reference to alive human victims.

Unfortunately, these so called adventurers boasted their find throughout the hold, and the rumors have gone haywire. Now, it is more than likely that the organization is aware of the suspicion regarding them. I fear for my colleagues, who are my assistants in this investigation. For this reason, I must request you to send few good men here to provide additional security.

P.S The new servant you sent me sent to my aid is a strange fellow, and I have never met a Dunmer with such red eyes. Perhaps he originates from Vvardenfell.

For Glory of the Rift

Horik Bear-Arm, Scholar, Thane of Riften.
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