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Concerning News: The Third and the Fourth Letter

Started by Nehemia
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The following letter has been written in haste, and the hand writing is poor

To the Jaarl of Riften
Sixth of Frostfall, 2E 575

I had an terrible feeling that something such as this was going on. The Foundation seems to be infiltrating the crowds, that servant you sent me stole the missing page from their codex. I suspect that the following page was the only available copy, I see no other reason to retrieve it, as we are already aware of its contents. I believe those texts are sacred to the Foundation, and acquiring the entire codex would give us the upper hand in the situation.

I worry for your safety, my Jaarl. Unfortunately, as of now. I fear to retreat from my estate, and not only that. I must get to the bottom of this, I simply must gather the required information for us to act. I do not wish to call upon a witch hunt to your city, but I ask of you. Interrogate everyone suspicious, with pale skin or red eyes.

I am still waiting for your additional men, I wish they can make it here in time.

Horik Bear-Arm, Scholar, Thane of Riften.

Reserved for the 4th letter.
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