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Connor Ivarsen (Feedback wanted)

Started by Connorhj
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Ebonheart Pact
Name: Connor Ivarsen
Gender: Male
Race: Nord
Age: 22
Height: 6 foot
Build: Average/Athletic
Pigmentation: Light
Hair: Medium length, Dark brown
Beard: Rugged Beard
Eye Color: Dark blue
Special Feature(s): Vertical scar on the left eye

Weapons: Prefers to use a two-handed blade and will often use a bow to close the gap between enemies.
Skills: From learning from his parents Connor is a skilled tracker, able to set traps and construct poisons to hinder potential game. He can adapt to woodlands well, hiding efficiently amongst the detritus.
Armor: Medium
Fighting Style: Ambush, guerrilla tactics.

Personality: Often with his head in the clouds, Connor follows his own set of ethics and morals that fall upon the neutral-good alignment. He is a firm believer in justice, even to the point of taking matters into his own hands if no one else will. Unusually distrustful when meeting new people it takes him a while to warm to them, however once he has he is loyal to a fault. In certain social scenarios he can be quite blunt, jumping straight to the point of a conversation instead of using a sense of tact, avoiding small talk and normal formalities.

Birthplace: Skaal Village, Solstheim
Occupation: Apprentice Weapon smith
Faction: The Ebonheart Pact

Social Background/Backstory: Born into a family of six and raised on the island on Solstheim Connor spent the majority of his youth learning how to tend the forge with his father and brothers. His father, being a renowned weapon smith in the village taught his son how to craft basic weaponry, while his mother, Runa, a skilled hunter and tracker would often bring her sons along with the hunting parties to gather food for the village. Much of his youth was spent learning his parent’s trades, as well as learning how to respect the world around him, including worshiping the All-Maker. At the age of 22 it was time for Connor to prove himself as a skilled hunter and warrior, leading a small hunting party along the Isinfier Plains. The party was very successful until Dusk had fallen upon them and it was time to return to the village with their winnings. It wasn’t until they reached Lake Fjalding that the group was set upon by a pack of werewolves. The beasts struck with speed and a ravenous brutality, slaying and mauling a majority of the hunters. Becoming grievously wounded in the battle Connor was rendered unconscious from blood loss, when next he awoke he found himself in his own bed with his wounds dressed and cleaned. With the loss of his friends he was stricken with grief and was left with plenty of time to ponder on the attack as he recovered. As the days passed he started to have vivid dreams of running among the wolves of Hirstaag forest and images of a hunter with a stag-horned appearance leading the chase. Perplexed and worried about his dreams Connor seeked council with the village elder. The elder who had seen this only a few times suggested for him leave Skaal Village and Solstheim, for if he was to stay he will surely be killed when he succumbs to his new-found bestial nature. Reluctant to agree Connor left; leaving his family behind to make for the main land in hope that one day he can control this affliction enough to return.

Best Memory: Spending time with his mother hunting boars in Hirstaag forest.
Worst Memory: Leaving Skaal Village.
Birthsign: The Steed
Religious Views: Worships the All-Maker, however he has a keen interest in the Daedric prince Hircine.
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Very well made! Good job man.

Vote Isilmo for Queen!

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