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Console vs. PC

Started by Jemcrystal
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I hated it when I was collecting games for my Xbox and then would join a game's forum just to get booo'd and naysay'd. Any problem I asked for help on I got the elite Personal Computer players repeating, "get it for the PC." Thread closed. Access denied. Xero summed. No one is interested in you. It forced me to seek out console only forums. And those console only forums lacked a large crowd for a variety of opinions and really lacked the role player types. I finally gave up on my console gaming and my new Xbone sits there collecting dust. Unless I want to rent a movie.

There are a variety of reasons why a person may end up using a console rather than a PC for gaming. Cost, family space, income, even preference. Some of us prefer the wide screen tv in the living room experience. Personal computers cost so much more if you get one that's not what I call "secretary junk." The PC crowd will tell you to build your own gaming computer which honestly does not save money in the end and risks you screwing it up and loosing your investment.

My compromise to all of this was saving money for a marketed gaming PC. I was not able to do it. My income is to low. But I did get enough to purchase the accessories; Dell monitor (Best Buy), junkie but pretty gaming mouse (Amazon), gaming pad (Amazon), long internet cord (Amazon). I ended up getting a PC when an irl friend offered to buy one for me as a bday present. My ASUS is on sale it runs TESO like a champ:

I recommend that you get a pc for TESO and leave your console headaches behind. I'm not looking down on you. I really miss my wide screen gaming. I played Skyrim, Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen, Witcher 3, and Inquisition on console and loved every second. But TESO needs addon/mods to not get on your nerves.

So what platform do you play TESO on? Will you ever switch?

Happy gaming.
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