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Contest: Aldmeri Dominion brainstorming

Started by Tecca
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Daggerfall Covenant
With TESOFs second contest underway, we thought we would post topics in each of the alliance forums for everyone to brainstorm what type of submissions you'd like to see (or create yourself).

So everyone in the Aldmeri Dominion... how would YOU show your faction pride in this contest?

Please use the Help & Feedback section if you need help. This will help others that may have the same questions and you will receive a faster response.
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Aldmeri Dominion (Altmer)
I love the response this has gotten :P
Here's a WIP.

@Velaskae on the NA megaserver.
<Glory Seekers> Looking for capable adventurers and people to chat with.
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Ebonheart Pact
I'd record myself at the doors of my local wal-mart and introduce myself to perfect strangers using my "game name" and try to explain to them that the Aldmeri Dominion needs them and why.

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