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controller users! let's talk shop.

Started by hillmje
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Who else is using a gamepad? What rig u using? What software u using? What r the pros and cons of your setup? Did u have to mess around with eso keybinding settings?

Im using xbox 360 controller with gamepadtv. And also I have to use mouse and keyboard for a few things but fighting, looting, moving about, interracting with the world... I do that all with controller.

I have a cideko conqueror gamepad keymouse which is theoretically a swiss army controller but in practice its a slow go learning to use and program it. So for now 360 controller plus keyboard and mouse.

If u dont approve of controller use then dont use one.

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I've been thinking about using a ps3 controller but then I thought "Nahhh"

He is in death as he was in life : rather screwed.
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