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Is there a slight chance you will not buy if they do not
Allow the exploration of other territories.
5 62.50%
Allow pvp in other territories.
3 37.50%
Total 8 vote(s) 100%
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COULD the current PVP/Territory Exploration system cause you to not buy this game?

Started by Yautjalv426
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Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
I know we have a while before this game comes out. But aftering seeing the end of this video if that is that only Non PVE we will ever get to do I am 99% sure I will not buy this game. If I do it is just because there is nothing else to play. I have GW2 already. Got bored after less than 2 weeks. WvWvW was just spamming at a gate for 5 minutes straight.

Being out leveling in the early early days of WoW and coming across an opponent of similar level it was a blast. Ewww I know WoW gross. I have sinned. What a huge waste of my 20's. But still at the times when it was fun. IT WAS FUN! Having to be weary of your surroundings. My hunter vs a paladin going at it in stv for 10-15 minutes. Another horde jumped in. I stopped attacking and let the mage die and then me and the paladin continued. It was a blast. Eventually I won. Sure sometimes I got killed by a high level player. Rogues could be annoying. But I did not really care or cry and move to a pve server.

I want to cross path's with opposing factions trespassing in my land. Have scuffles and fights and brawls out in the muddy swamps of my homeland! That army looked like a school of Mackerel! At least let us enter the other territories and flag us for pvp and others can fight us if they choose to. A compromise.

On a scale of 1 to 10. How much does it put you off? 9.5 for me.

OOOPS Forgot 3RD Poll Option. If want both option on any comments you post just type 3.
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