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Couldent fint the introduction forum.

Started by Valfurium
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Aldmeri Dominion (Bosmer)
As the title says i figured i would do it here. Hi My name is Jeff (Valfurium). That is my main toons name. one i made up out of my own imagination years ago playing wow vanilla(and beta). I would like to tell you all a little about myself.
I usually play the role of barbarian/warrior in most all games. In my older age i have come to hate being a meat shield and love healing and DPS both equally. I am a PVP frekin nut as well as raid and instances. Yes I do it all. I also know my roles in each well and how to play each and not just leroyyyyy around. I also know how to have fun and play. So if you have the same interests drop a line~~~~

Si vis pacum para bellum (Latin)
"If you want peace, prepare for war"
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Here you go!

Vahlok of The Bromlokiir Clan.

Come and join us in the Hall of the Bromlokiir, Kinsmen!
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See you in the intro forum.

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The Buoyant Armigers
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