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Crafter for Hire (PS4-NA)

Started by LaTigara
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Daggerfall Covenant
Hello! I've not mastered every craft just yet but if I can craft it I will. 8 trait light/medium, some light at 9, and it varies with heavy, most are at least 6 trait. 8 trait, some 9, wood. Master Enchanter, Alchemist, and Provisioner.

Training gear- 1k per piece, my mats. If you give mats I ask for a minimum of 4k for my time. I make gear blue, superior, unless you request higher level and provide tanins. FREE to my guild members!

CP 160- You provide mats, 1k per piece or minimum of 4k for my time. If you want a style but don't have style material price is higher depending on what style it is. No mats no gear! If you're in my guild and provide materials it's FREE! I do guild requests as quickly as possible and first asked, first served.
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