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Creating ESO: Designing Skill Lines

Started by Arth
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[Image: 23e64f0353e29eb0d7e3412af7c203f9.jpg]

[Image: 888ae70a72fa6e04f5cd3eb064554eec.jpg]

seems after we have seen the new video of the character progression, the teso teams wants to go deeoper into the skill line, and as we see in the link and pictures, we will need to rank up to every skill we get.

im realy excited about what is going, and it looks like we may create a unique society instead like other games witch almost everyone is using the best class and the best skills, and when it changes, all of them moving to the next best class and so on.

even it remainds me a bit of GW2 (with way more better options) there are still the punching strikes wich i always liked to use on enemies.

cant wait for it!

but if you will look at the darker side, there a thing or two that making me think a bit,if you ask me,
my questions are

1) will we end up with only one set of skills to any class, wich will inflict the most damage, or they will try to balance all the other skills one each other, different from many other games.

2) will it be tyhe same about classes

3) and specs?

but that is just me, what do you think about it!

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As JHShadon has linked, there is already a thread with the same name and discussion! Feel free to bring up your observations, thoughts, and questions over to there.

-HS, Moderator

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