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Crime & Punishment : What would you like to see?

Started by DeaconX
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What crimes would you like to be able to perform in TESO and along with those crimes, what punishment/system would you like in place, if any?

The sandbox MMORPG ArcheAge has an interesting system for crime. Quoted from:

"The criminal system in ArcheAge can be split into 4 big categories:

Crime - Committing the crime.
Court - Determinating if player is guilty or innocent.
Prison - Spending time in the prison if guilty.
Pirate - If commited crimes too often.

1. Crime
There are 2 ways of committing a crime: murder or stealing.

By killing other players from the same NPC faction.
After the incident Blood splatter traces will be left behind on the ground and other players (eyewitnesses) can collect it.
After collecting, it appears in the inventory as an item and by right clicking, it gets "reported" as a crime and the player who committed the crime will recieve a Crime Point.

By stealing plants or livestock from other players from their protected lands (protected with scarecrow).
The thief leaves Footprints behind, which can be turned in the same way as the blood, upon which the thief receives a crime point.

Crime Point:
The criminal gets 1 crime point after each commited crime, when it gets reported by other players.

When the criminal score reaches the treshold of 50 crime points, he needs to be carefull not to die.

When he dies, or relogs he gets a message, asking if he wants to go to the court for a trial or right into the jail (certain time).
"Do you want to participate in the trial: yes or no"

The trial might lower or higher the sentencing time, its up for the criminal to decide on his luck with the jurors.

2. Court (Trial)
The jury is made up of 5 random members of the court (players).

To become a member in the court (juror) or part of the jury, the player needs to be level 30+ and sign up at an NPC in the town.

When a criminal is sent for a trial, the players who signed up for the jury will get a message box, asking them if they want to participate on the trial or not, the first 5 players who accept to be the judge will get ported into the courthouse (its advised to be very fast with clicking, if you would like to become a juror).

There is a pile of rocks on the ground at the court, from where the jurors can take "Paving Stone" and throw at the criminal (stoning style, like in the dark ages).

The offender (criminal) is not allowed to move during the trial phase, his moves are automatic.

Each participating juror at the trial can view the offenders criminal history screen, which contains all the criminal activity, the player have committed. Here the jurors can choose the verdict by pledging the criminal innocent or sending him to jail for a certain time from the given options.

For example on this screen, the player has over 100 crime cases (12 pages), and can be sent to jail for up to 264 minutes, but his crime score is low, so he will get only to spend 48 minutes in the jail.

The max duration is determined by the amount of crimes the offender committed, and the actual sentence duration is based on how many people voted guilty for him.
(innocent = 0 guilty votes, 1, 2, 3, 4, max sentence = 5 guilty votes)

After the jury finished with sentencing (voting), based on their judgement a new screen pops up with the final sentence results.

If the criminal found guilty he gets ported into a prison cell.

3. Prison (Jail)
Once a criminal is ported into the jail, he will recieve a debuff, which prevents him from using any skill from the skillbar.

First by default, the criminal gets ported into a cell, where he ramains locked up for 10 minutes.

After the door will open up, and he is allowed to go out into the prison yard and expore and interact with the other inmates.

They can:

Smash boxes, and get prison clothing from it (hats, shirts, shorts, football shoes), there are some buckets around which can be put on head too and used as a hat.

Play football (US soccer), go close to the ball and use the kick skill. There is a scoreboard and 2 goals around.

Kill rats and eventually find a key to the guard tower.

Use the key to open the guard towers door.

On the top of the tower is a chest, and a parachute inside (Wings of Liberty).

The player can put this parachute on and use it as a glider to escape from the prison.
This item can be used only once, lasts for a few seconds, just enough to pass the prison walls and to fell into the sea, so its important to chose the highest elevation point for takeoff, and also you can't steer with this glider, so choose the right direction too.

After a successful jailbreak you can start dancing...
But don't be so happy, after escaping the prison the debuff will not wear off, so the player will still be limited and unable to use his skills until the debuff lasts.

4. Pirate (Outlaw)
If a player gets sent many times into the prison, eventually he will became a pirate (will be ported to the pirate island)."

So what do you guys thing? What would you like to see?

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I would like to see most of these in the game...Variety in punishment should exist in this type of games, so as to get things right.
What would be impressive is too have some kind of lawyer if you would go to the court and with the Speech perk they could justify your actions but...ok, just in my imagination :P

Buoyant Armigers

May the periphery of ancient wisdom remain merciful with those who deny the darkness...

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