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Crimson Blades
Crimson Blades

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by crimsonbladenetwork.
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About Crimson Blades
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Crimson Blades TESO has been formed to bring together amazing people, who want to be part of something special, Synergy has been formed by merging two World of Warcraft guilds (Crimson Blades (25), PvE) and (BloodOath (20), PvP), bringing together 120members migrating from Azeroth to Tamriel. The team will focus on team relations building on an already thriving team, ensuring good communication. We have a good system and have been discussing racial and terretorial advantages as well as a plan of action for launch, we are hoping to focus heavily on large group activities PvE and PvP and have dedicated people running both aspects of the team.

Crimson Blades is a Network of MMOGs that strives to bring more members into the fold. We are looking for dedicated people who will do their best and help others within the group. We are looking for people who understand that this is not just games, but a collection of people looking to share experiences and build on freindships that make the taste of victory that much sweeter and the endgame raiding more enjoyable. We do things differently at Crimson Blades, from the moment you gain acceptance into our ranks youll notice the difference in the general chatter in guild chat, to the willingness of our members to aid in world bosses and boosting in Arenas and Rated Battleground.

Crimson Blades is now 14 years old, starting as a small group playing Age of Empires and Command and Conquer over Local Area Networks to people who have played EverQuest, as well as stand alone RPGs Baldurs Gate, Icewind Dales, Neverwinter Nights etc. As long as you love gaming with the Crimson Blades and ultimetly fit in, you will be welcomed into the Crimson Blades forever as an honoury Blade. Crimson Blades has been through alot, endured some hardships, had some knocks aloung the way but has always came back fighting and stronger than before. TESO is the future of the Crimson Blades and we want you to be part of it

As mentioned before we have guild leaders focussing on different aspects of the game catering for everyones need, our main goal is teamwork and communication as that has always been how we have kept our members. We will be running a PvE Raiding Group with the goal of clearing all Raid Environments with a large group comprised of Guild Members, whilst at the same time running a Rated Battleground team, focusing on aquiring the top spots of the PvP circuit, we want to be the top dogs, doing whatever is required to acheive these goals. We do proffesions, crafting and the economics of online gaming, learn how to maximise your money early on and allow the Crimson Blades to fill your pockets.

Message me today, and join our community - a dedicated team, with a great undertaking, this is the land of opportunity and we will have a wave of players wash over the land.
We welcome anyone into our ranks as long as people are mature and freindly they will always be welcome here, we want people who are Hardcore but also casual, that we can have a good laugh with when there online.

Many thanks
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