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Crimson Crusade
Crimson Crusade

Quick Info
System : Xbox One
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Liamnidus.
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About Crimson Crusade
PVP! thats the game, if your thinking about joining this guild you better be ready to storm Cyrodiil and siege some castles. in our guild we use a house/seat system, in which we will have 3 houses (divisions), that a person can apply for or be a assigned to as a joining member. the leaders of each house will be Captains. (all four Captain seats at this point are taken) however that is not set in stone, every captain(except guild leader) can be challenged, but we will get to that farther down the page in the Ranking category. our Captains will represent and lead each house into battle, if you have a question about our guild you can message me or leave a comment below.


If you have already read the article above you should already know of our House system so now i will explain each rank and what it means to occupy that rank.

First there are Captains, there are 3 captains(one for each house).
Captains are the highest rank that can be achieved. this can be achieved one of 3 ways
First: you can greatly prove yourself in battle and be voted in by at least 3 of the captains
Second: Be nominated by the guild leader, nuff said. applications are a good way to get your name known.
Third: to Challenge your current captain to a Death match, if you win you take his spot and he becomes your lieutenant.

Second are Lieutenants.There can be up to two Lieutenants for each Captain. Lieutenants are the Captains 2nd in command. being a lieutenant is a prerequisite for all ways of becoming a captain. as a Lieutenants are responsible for most tasks your Captain assigns.

When a person joins our guild that person either applies for a house or gets assigned to one. after that the captain of the house that that member is assigned to chooses there seat( the lowest seat depends on how many people are in the house at the time if there are 32 people in that house than the lowest seat would be the 32nd seat.
so the first people to join would be assigned lieutenants and then 3rd seat and so on and so forth

House of the Shadow
this house is for those who stalk the shadows

House of the Warrior
this house is for those who charge the front lines of combat

House of the Sorcerer
this house is for those who call upon magic to serve them
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