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Crystal Fragment never doing 100% Damage?

Started by DiscoSquirrel
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Hi guys,

Been playing through my first character on ESO and recently installed the Combat Log addon to see the sort of damage I'm doing and to keep track of best strategies to use against certain foes.

It's here I noticed that the Sorcerer's Crystal Fragment spell never does as much damage as the little help explanation window says it should. I figured maybe certain foes have spellresistance or something getting in the way so I tried on higher end mud crabs, bears...pretty everything never come to the full damage potential of the spell.

In the help pop up it says it would do 220dmg, I see it doing 198...190...195...on different creatures.

Am I missing something? Is the addon incorrect? I tried doing the maths myself by checking the before and after HP of the enemy but it seems to also show 190s rather than anything near 220.

Any help or if someone with a sorcerer could do a test - it would be greatly appreciated.

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There are a lot of different things that will factor in how much damage it does.
If you are hitting exactly 220 then there is something wrong somewhere in the code.

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You'll never get the exact amount it says it will do due to so many factors contributing to the damage it eventually does.
And yes, mudcrabs probably have armor and spell resist as well. Don't underestimate the all powerful mudcrab!

He is in death as he was in life : rather screwed.
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