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Cult of the Moon
Cult of the Moon

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay, Social, Crafting
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by Haralden.
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About Cult of the Moon
Main The Idea Ranking
When night descends upon Tamriel, the creatures of the moon shall rise. We shall bathe in the blood of our enemies, and under the Beast we shall praise him, for he is the Father of the Hunt!
We are the Cultists of the Moon. The Shadow shall guide us through the darkness, and the Might and the Mind shall prevail where all else shall not. The Wrath of the Beast will unleash his fury upon the forsaken lands of Tamriel, and all shall join us in our Ritual of the Moon. Praise to the Wolf! Praise to the Beast! Praise to the Moon!

In the year 1E, dark forces gathered. They sacrificed 10,000 innocents before the temple of the Beast. He is the long-forgotten Daederic lord of the Wolf, and he was said to 'bathe' in the blood of his enemies. The other daedera grew afraid as he increased in power, and Molag Bal sliced the Beast into separate parts, and they were banished into the plains of Oblivion. Ever since then, his kin have despised vampires, and have hunted them down.

Now, Molag Bal is releasing creatures from the plains of Oblivion, and the parts of the Beast are freed too. Join the Cult of the Moon, and become one with the Beast!

What you have just read is the basic idea of our Guild. We are, unless you haven't guessed, a werewolf guild. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE A WEREWOLF! It is only advised.
The Idea;

We are an easy-going guild for people who want to have fun. We are quite happy to help fellow Cultists in quests or PvP and PvE, and there is no focus. I, Haralden, have played many games, and find it more fun to help others than to keep resources to myself. We are also going to have certain guild events every week, such as a big PvP fight, or raiding a dungeon with a large group. We are not a selfish group and anyone is welcome, as long as the other leaders agree. It doesn't matter what age you are, what you enjoy doing or how often you play. There is only one restriction: you mustn't be a vampire. Anyone can join, but they will remain 'Cultists' until you become a 'werewolf'. Then, you can start 'ranking up' by performing at your best. Curing yourself of lycanthropy will lead to demotion to a 'Cultist', or, at the worst, becoming 'Outlawed', and forced to leave the guild. There are going to be several 'leaders' that choose who stays and who goes. I am the 'Wrath of the Beast', my friends the 'Shadow', the 'Mind' and the 'Might'. Others are yet undecided. It is possible to become a 'leader', but this is no simple task: you must prove yourself, and drop the robes of the Cultist and advance through the ranks to decide who will become the 'Fear'.

We are also planning to perform a certain 'ritual', known as the 'Ritual of Awakening'. It will be short and sweet, and shall take place upon 'Orphan Rock' in Skyrim. It is optional, but would be a privilege, and does have certain perks, such as a free set of good armor, perhaps. It is simple: you stand at the tip of Orphan Rock, and, at night, you become a werewolf. You are surrounded with bones, and you will be given a promotion in the Guild, from Cultist to Enslaver. This means you are given a few more privileges, and the Leaders are much more likely to listen to you.

There are other ways of ranking: just generally being helpful to other members, or leveling up quickly and proving to be a strong charector.

We are also planning on doing special guild events every week, such as a hard dungeon raid where the loot is shared equally, or a big PvP fight, the whole guild joining in. People cannot be invite members to the guild. To do this, you must ask one of the 'leaders', and they will decide.

Overall, ANYONE can join, but it is advised that lycanthropy is used.

We can guaranty that this guild will soon become a major hit, as many people have been invited. Please join: we need more members. The Hunt is afoot!

- Haralden, the Wrath of the Beast -

There is going to be a ranking system. They are numbered 1, being the lowest, and 10, being the highest.

1. Cultist

2. Worshiper

3. Enslaver

4. High Cultist

5. Torturer

6. Embodiment

7. Grand Cultist

8. Overseer

9. High Overseer

10. Lord of Twilight
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Cult of the Moon Comments
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Aldmeri Dominion
Good luck with the guild, and how do people join?

Vlos Hithern

Banana Beer! <-- Click for banana beer!
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I wish to join the cult of the moon
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Hi being a werewolf is one of my favorite things that skyrim has to offer. I would be honored if you let me join and I'm not looking for i high position all I want in a guild is respect. Also are you guys on xbox one ps4 or PC
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Ebonheart Pact
I have found out Europe will have its own server so sign me up please. Based in UK.

The Dragon headed banner of the Clan is rising from the Black Marsh

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