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Cynric Eardwulf

Started by EardwulfTheCynical
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant
Name - Cynric Eardwulf.
Nickname/s - Lycaen (By those who know of his beastial side.) Fletch (Due to his archery skills.) Cyn.
Common Title/s -The Cynical Conjurer. Eardwulf the Cynical.
Sex - Male.
Race - Breton.
Age - Born 2E 563, Evening Star, on a Sundas.
Occupation - Bard, Mage, Ranger, Thief.
Major Faction - The Daggerfall Covenant
Minor Faction/s - The Mages Guild, The Thieves Guild, The Dark Brotherhood.
Equipment - Cynric usually wanders in white fur armour styled to look like a wolf and uses a maple longbow in style of the Breton's craft and a lightning staff in the style of Ancient Elves.
Appearance - Cynric's skin is pale, his face is not scarred and clean shaven. His white hair is just below his ears. Since he lived a while in the forest before starting his adventures, Cynric is lithe, dexterous and short. He stands 5'6 and weighs 157 lbs.
Personality - Cynric is rash and impulsive and mischievous. There is a degree of criminality about him, laws and social conventions do not seem to register and nor do consequences. He is also an educated, intelligent with a proud, argumentative streak. He possesses the world-weary cynicism his family was renowned for. He is very skilled in turning people to his point of view. When he chooses, he turns these traits to insults and mockery. He enjoys getting one over on people, especially his foes. This penchant for poking fun at people often backfires, and he can also carry grudges to a level of childish absurdity. He tends to recite bits of tales of heroes he has heard during his adventures to make those around him think he is wise.
Challenges for the character - Cynric is a lone wolf in every sense (excluding his pet Cyrano), and never asks for help. He is used to doing everything himself, often abandoning his companions in favor of renown. His talent for getting out of trouble with his magic is one he uses excessively. While he is rather devoid of emotion, his confidence has crippled his success many times.
Background/Backstory - Cynric was born in late 563 of the Second Era into a middle-class Breton family in Daggerfall. His mother was a skilled wizard, often using her magic to heal Cynric whenever he was injured. His father was a talented archer who worked as a guard much to his mother's protest. This upbringing was rigid and a steady one, yet Cynric often wandered out of town to train his own magic and archery without his parents watching over him as he sang songs of past heroes. His frequent antics caused his parents to have to explain to the town guard why an atronach had attacked traders, and they clashed regularly, Cynric's arrogance and sarcastic attitude earned him the nick-name of 'The Cynical Conjurer.' The young conjurer also showed a strange talent of which his parents never expected, the fact he was extremely talented in using illusion magic to sway the town guard, not only to distract people as jokes, but to keep them bewildered as he stole from passing traders. His parents tried many different tactics to get him to conform to traditional past times yet he never did. He’d long set his young heart on following the foot-steps of great heroes, music and magic. His interest in the forbidden things his parents tried to keep him from ended up being his deepest regret.
He tried to run away many times, yet his mother was always one step ahead of him. This caused displeasure between him and authority, even though he was still only a child. When he finally managed to escape his parents ran after him causing great displeasure in the boy. Cynric's father was a skilled tracker and his parents managed to find him fighting off a pack of werewolves alongside a storm atronach where his parents immediately ran to his aid but, they were lucky enough and were mortally wounded with his mother dying in the fray and his father lay bleeding as he Cynric shot the last of them dead. Cynric's father told him to put him down as he knew that if he did not bleed out he would turn and cause harm to those he loved, so Cynric did this before leaving for Cyrodil, yet Cynric had a claw mark on his chest that he had hidden. Cynric's journey to Cyrodil was perilous yet he had to leave in case people were suspicious of him. His magic allowed him to have some control over his beast-form yet, he never risked being near civilization when he felt the change coming. For the years following his departure from Daggerfall he travelled around Cyrodil eventually deciding to return yet he felt the change coming, and half-way through the change the Soulburst happened affecting him and causing a strange effect on him leaving him to wander for years until he understood what truly happened. It is due to these events he sought out the Thieves Guild, The Dark Brotherhood and the Mages Guild to see if he could use them to help him hunt down any family members he may have left..
Skills - Cynric trained in swordsmanship briefly before turning to the bow, but he is by no means a master. His magical talents of the Illusion school and Conjuration are his main weapon against his foes. On occasion he deals with foes more directly with lightning strikes. His Illusion magic allows him to sneak around and pickpocket without being noticed not to mention it came to him naturally as a boy.
Rumors - People believe that his mother was not slain by werewolves and that his father was not cursed, but actually slain by a conjured wolf and used his skills in illusion to confuse them. People also believe he gained his beast-form through constant worship of Hircine, not a random accident. Another is that he attacks merchant caravans slaughtering them in beast-form only to come along at a later time and loot them knowing their fate. Personally to him, his favorite rumor is that he wanders hunting down Silver-Hand members using his Illusions and Conjurations to lure them in only to brutally torture them in grotesque ways.
Birthsign - The Thief
Religious Views: Cynric largely ignores the Gods, he’s never had time for prayer or religion. However, he occasionally prays to Hircine for guidance and control over his beastial form.
Political Views: Cynric fights for the Daggerfall Covenant to honor his parents. But he is more concerned with the Daedric threat and spends most of his time trying to put an end to their menace.
Motto - "One who sends his men in to the fray to die are cowards, yet the one who led them, head first, to the afterlife are the true heroes."
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