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Daedric Artifacts

Started by Cairanmac1
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How will Daedric artifacts work? Obviously its okay to have hundreds of people wearing steel armor, but having hundreds of people with Wabbajacks, Azuras stars and Maces of Molag Bal would just be stupid.

scenario: you join a PvP campaign and half the server have Wabbajacks in their inventory, they all equip them and the battle begins. Just a thought.

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there will be lots of chickens, cheese, and sweetrolls if this is the case

It would be sweet if there were only one of each item in each megaserver. It would lend to the "Legendary-ness" and some big names could emerge. However, there are many drawbacks to such an idea.
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I would like to see Deadric artifacts as one object in Cyrodil that players can pick up and use but they drop if they log out, leave Cyrodil or die. This would mean it could be used and aid alliances in battle but it'd be rare, I hope that if they go forth with this idea they're MEGA powerful. EG:

Aldmeri Dominion: Oh god the Ebonheart Pact have the Wabbajack! It's rumoured to be kept by a player in the southwest keep! Lets invade!

Ebonheart Pact: Azuras star is owned by the Daggerfall Covenant's emperor up in the Imperial City! We need to send some skilled nightblades to retrieve it!

Daggerfall Covenant: God damnit! The AD have the Mace of Molag Bal! It's held by their best warrior to the west! We need to get it!

It'd add to the immersion!
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I'd feel bad for the guy/girl with the artefact, they'd probably be holed up in some tower hugging their Wabbajack or other inferior Daedric artefact turning those who come to retrieve it into rabbits.

The Kynaran Order
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Perhaps they could only be used in PvE or would only be used by NPCs

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For some reason I think it would be IC for Sheogorath to give a bunch of Wabbajacks to the three armies and watch the chaos on a throne made out of cheese.
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from my understanding on the subject of ESO deadric artifacts, they will be mostly quest items.

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Yes, this has been talked about a lot a while ago and @Do'Rakk is correct. If you find a daedric artifact it will be during a quest and will only be used for something in that quest. You will not see someone in Cyrodiil bearing a Wabbajack or a Mace of Molag Bal. For lore reasons that would not make sense. There may be aedric artifacts in game which it MAY BE POSSIBLE that are wield-able, but that is just speculation, so it could be the same as daedric.

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There's been a few threads asking the same question where members have speculated on the Daedric Artifacts! In fact, there's a thread with the same exact name and subject as this one!

And some other links talking about the subject below:

Feel free to read over those threads and resurect the discussion in the first link I provided, just so the same speculation and theories aren't retreaded in a deja vu sort of way. Best to consolidated all input on the matter! I'm afraid there hasn't been any notable updates from Zenimax Studios on the question so far.

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