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Daggerfall Covenant Rhyming poem

Started by Fritodelay
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
The might of the daggerfall covenant matched by few , the underdogs , with thunder in there veins , the bretons skill with magic just one spell and you'll be left in a tragic scenerio , the redguards skill with the blade just one quick stab from it and you'll fade away , the orcs smithing skills and the ability to tank , the best smiths in all of tamriel this is certainly no myth , If the ebonheart pact and the aldmeri dominion think they can stand up to us? they should know for a fact king emeric will not give up eazily
that certainly isint an opinion, all the orcs of orsinium all the redguards of hammerfell all the bretons of high rock stand mighty and loyal to there king Or else the consequences will sting!

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