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Daggerheart Dominion - AD (XB1, EU) Based in NZ, Recruiting Leaders and Members

Started by BoredBaboon
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A new guild focusing on actively grouping together, and helping each other out, is looking for members as well as 4 people to help lead the guild to becoming one of the best around.

We are currently on the Europe server but will be expanding onto North America, when we get enough people. Our home faction is Aldmeri, but we will be on all 3 factions.

We will be doing plenty of PVE, PVP, crafting and eventually trading. Furthermore, there are 8 ranks available for progressing, not counting the 2 ranks for guild leaders. Plus we will be giving away prizes from what other guild members craft, and playing pranks as a group.

To be a member you just need to have access to LINE and Facebook.

To be considered for a leader you must have the following:
LINE and Facebook
A character at least level 10, on Aldmeri, and willing to get to level 10 on all 3 factions.
You must be active enough to be around (not necessarily in the game) on a daily basis
Willing to play on the North American server when required.

Message me on xbox live: BoredBaboon
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