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Dalius Feroa

Started by Fritodelay
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Faction & Race:
Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Firstname - Dalius
Surname - Feroa
Title - Former Wealthy Merchant
Sex - Male
Race -Argonian
Age - 40
Occupation - Alchemist / Templar
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - 6'3 220LBS , Not particularly strong nor athletic just big , Scaly Green Skin with Light green feathers on top of his head
Personality - Eazy Going , Funny Charismatic , Greedy but Overly Trusting , and Thinks before he acts
Social Background/Backstory - Dalius was born in Black Marsh but moved to Cyrrodil When a few months old to two loving parents and an Older brother names Keev , Dalius always had it Eazy , As a young boy all he did was hang out with his freinds , While Growing up Dalius wanted
to become a Merchant and Sure enough a few years later his wish Had come true , He became a very Wealthy Man , and Decided to Open instead of one shop Multiple Shops His brother working in one of them Dalius's Pockets were overflowing with Septims , His Dream Had come true , But one Afternoon the Guards for Unknown reasons he still seeks to this day accuse him of Stealing from Other Merchants and Attempting to Rob a Alchemy Shop , None of this was True , While Dalius Was gifted in Alchemy He wasen't a Violent Being (YET) he tried to reason with the Guards they would not believe him , Dalius was put in Jail and Every one who worked with him Too Even His brother , Dalius was put in Jail for around 6 years years , His brothers Girlfreind was Pregnant and they Were marrying soon , After Leaving Jail Dalius intended to Leave cyrrodil when suddenly out of nowhere his brother Attacked Dalius With a sharp dagger in His Abdomen , Dalius Blacks out His brother Later turned violent and Attacks the guards , His brother quickly got killed by The Guards 12 hours later dalius wakes up in the Area where they put the Dead Before Burrying them , He wakes up and sees his brothers dead body , With a gruesom Whole around his Eye caused by an Arrow , Dalius Confused quickly starts crying , He cries and cries for around 30 minutes , Then he goes outside terrified he sees his mother mourning , His mother thinks he has been summoned by a Daedroth or Worse She Screams for help Dalius Says He's Alive And He's Okay , His mother Reluctantly comes back and asks him a Question only he knows the answer too to see if he was summoned , Then she realizes it is him and hugs him , She ask him what happend he explains what he remembers and then he says He's Gotta Move , His mom asks him why he says , "Mother I have No Idea where the rest of the People that are in Jail because of me Have gone Some of them might still be Here and They might be looking for me , Too kill me possibly" His mom tells him to run and take care , He takes a carriage to Black Marsh , a bit after leaving he gets attacked by the People that used to work for Dalius , Dalius with only 2 daggers defends himself and kills all 6 of them , Unfortunately the Carriage Driver was not so lucky , He buries the Driver and continues too black marsh , This is when he learned how to Finally Mount a Horse , and Continues to Black Marsh , He kept on thinking about the Dead , He was disgusted with himself he never thought he would kill someone , He did not eat for around 6 days , when he finally reached black marsh he was tired , He knew some people could still be looking for him , He taught himself how to fight how to Defend himself , He became a master with dual wielding and decent with a Bow , He heard the Pact was recruiting , He thought it would be a great Idea to join the pact because of his new skills , So he joined.
Best Memory - Making Huge Wealth and Becoming Rich
Worst Memory - Gotten Stabbed with a Dagger by his Brother
Skills - Dual Wielding , Alchemy , Enchanting , Light Armor , Restoration
Challenges for the Character - Getting over not being Able to see His Parents / Getting over his brothers death
Birthsign The Serpant
Religious Views The Hist.
Politics Views Leave it for the Bretons
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