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Dalvius Serayn

Started by Dalvius Serayn
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
First name: Dalvius
Surname: Saykin-Serayn (however he uses only ''Serayn'' most of the time)
Title: Blind Thrall of the Morag Tong
Sex: Male
Race: Dunmer (half-Ashlander)
Age: 65 (about 32 years-old for a human)
Occupation: An assassin of the Morag Tong, he also enchants items and armor for his fellow guildmates. His class is Sorcerer.
Faction: the Morag Tong
Appearance: He has shoulder-length dark red hair and a goatee. His skin is very dark, almost purple. He is a little shorter than most of the people, and, as he eats often, hides under his robes the fat he got from sitting all day long in his room reading and eating. He wears leather travelling boots and gloves, and has many robes that he likes to wear depending on the situation: the light one for writs, the dark one for travelling long distances, the brown one for harvesting plants and ingredients, etc.
Personality: Dalvius is friendly and extroverted, but can be really selfish. He always expects something in return when he helps people. He always thinks before doing anything, but can lose his self-control easily if insulted or humiliated. He reads a lot and never loses an occasion to share his knowledge.
Personal Background: At the end of the post.
Best memory: When he found his dark soul gem after an assassination.
Worst memory: When he burned his tongue while eating a really hot apple cabbage stew. He couldn't put anything hot or cold in his mouth for two weeks afterwards.
Skills: He is good at the Destruction and Conjuration schools of magic. He learns very fast and he can add powerful enchantments to simple items.
Challenges for the Character: Dalvius needs to learn how to focus on the important things and not lose control of himself. He knows that his magic can become dangerous for him and his friends when he gets mad.
Birthsign: The Apprentice
Religious views: Dalvius believes in a lot of gods, but does not necessarly worship them. He likes to read about theology and metaphysics, and believes that the Dwemer knew some sort of secret about divinity that we don't know yet. He does not believe in Sithis at all, as he thinks he is a stupid invention of some mad cultists to explain the creation of Mundus. As he is a member of the Morag Tong, he believes in Mephala, but does not pray for her often like his guildmates do.

Bio: It was a beautiful sunrise. Red. Red as the blood spilled during the night. A magnificent massacre. Dalvius took part in it, and he loved it. He was at the side of his father, watching the battle over a hill, watching the mischief that his father caused by simply creating the illusion of a voice taunting one of the two clans compromised in the fight. They got mad. They killed each other. It was terrifying. But Dalvius wanted more. He knew that at some point there was people like him, people who love to see blood and gore. He knew that he would be an assassin.

Dalvius' father was an Ashlander. His name was Saykin Hannym-Tsadour, brother of the Urshilaku clan's Ashkhan. He was a sorcerer. A wise one, who had the experience of a hundred men, and who knew the Arts of Magic. He gave his knowledge to Dalvius, in hope that he would be like him one day.

Saykin was used to assassination, and kept it as a secret for a long time. He was obtaining contracts on his own, and was completing them with the help of some warriors of his clan who liked to fight, some rebel-minded fools. He told his secret one day, and offered to Dalvius that he could help him on his contracts sometimes. The young Dunmer accepted, and accompanied him on certain missions, going throughout Morrowind, seeking the targets of the contracts, watching his father giving orders to his men. Dalvius instantly loved it. He watched the assassinations with a strange excitement, and wanted more blood, more blades cutting through the night.

His most memorable contract happened on Tales and Tallows, in Heartfire. It was a warm night, and Masser was lighting the shadows in a crimson gloom. Saykin and his men were in front of him, walking silently through the bushes, preparing themselves for what they would have to do. Who, or what, they would have to kill. After twenty minutes of travelling, they reached a valley, and in the middle of that valley was a fire. A gigantic one. Its flames were reaching the skies in a magnificent dance, and Dalvius couldn't stop looking at them. But they didn't have time for a pause. Their goal was to exterminate a cult, presided by a Great Necromancer, a vampire, who was planning on organizing sacrifices to create his own undead army. The necromancers were celebrating the Tales and Tallows holiday, and they had a young Dunmer in their possession. Saykin and his companions had to stop the black mage from killing the captive.

So they went through the forest, as invisible as shadows, and attacked them before they could kill the Dunmer. The necromancers couldn't defend themselves as easily as they would normally, as the alto wine had altered their senses. The mission was a success, and the young mer was freed in no time. But something catched Dalvius' attention, as they were celebrating the accomplishment of the contract with some wine they had found in the camp. A shiny object. Bright and dark at the same time, with a strange surface. Dalvius reached the body of a necromancer and picked it up. He couldn't look away from it. It was so...mysterious. A black gem that Dalvius couldn't identify, surrounded by an even darker aura...It looked like a soul gem, like the one he saw in an history book, but it seemed to contain an evil thing. Yet he couldn't know what it was...

And so Dalvius came back from the contract with his gem, caring for it like if it was his own child, carrying it everywhere. He learned in a dusty book that it was a Black Soul Gem, a very rare artefact, which had the ability to contain souls from human beings. And that is how Dalvius became interested in the Arts of Enchanting, and learned everything that could be learned from books and scrolls. He was stealing them at the local libray, and he even aggressed the librarian once, to get a scroll about Fire Enchantments. He practiced a lot, and enchanted many things in the process. From wooden spoons to iron daggers, his collection of magical items was growing bigger in size each day. He was collecting souls from his father's victims, without him noticing, and kept his obsession for enchanting hidden.

For years, his life was all about these three things: learning new enchantments, practicing his magic spells with Saykin, and going out with him to complete contracts (and collect souls in the process). He was used to this schedule, and was happy with it. But one day, everything changed. That day, his mother changed his life.

She was a Dunmer merchant, called Hlonala Serayn, who used to sell stolen weaponry to the Morag Tong for a long time. She had some contacts with the Masters of the Organization, and that is when everything started.

One day, in Evening Star, when the sun was at its highest point, Hlonala came to Dalvius and gave him a task.
He was in charge of going out to seek for the Grandmaster of the Morag Tong, to give him a note about a certain shipping that she would have liked to sell them. She told him to stay polite, as the Morag Tong was a very disciplined and strict order. She didn't want him to get in trouble, of course.

So Dalvius went to the Morag Tong headquarters, as his mother told him, seeking for the leader of this order that would become his family. He didn't know that. In fact, he didn't know the true nature of the Morag Tong.

His family always knew how to keep secrets.

He talked to the Grandmaster, and after a brief discussion, asked the question that harassed him the most.
What is the Morag Tong?

His eyes opened wide as the man answered his question with a mysterious smile.
He knew that he was special. He knew that he was like them all.

The Morag Tong accepted him as one of them, after hearing his strange story, when they learned that he liked the same thing as them: blood. They welcomed him as a new friend. They welcomed him as a follower of Mephala, an associate of the Morag Tong.
They were one together, ready to continue their quest to find the shattered pieces of their prime honour, of their dignity, as assassins.

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)

"For the glory of Mephala"
Associate of the Morag Tong
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