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Started by ClickCrisis
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
Firstname - Dan-Ei
Surname - N/A
Title - N/A
Sex - Male
Race - Argonian
Age - 27
Occupation - Nightblade
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - Avatar
Personality - Dan-Ei can be a bit quiet at times, preferring to keep to himself rather than socialize with other people, although people he does call friends he will fight to the end for. Sometimes he’ll start speaking in the Argonian’s natural tongue, Jel, without meaning to which confuses people that don’t know him well.
Social Background/Backstory - Dan-Ei was born in Stormhold, the capital of Black Marsh. When he was 7 years old, he went through the naming ritual, in which he would lick the sap of the Hist tree to decide his personality, name, and what he looked like. Dan-Ei licked the tree sap 2 more times than was customary, causing him to grow up more beast-like than most Argonians, but not very. Because of this his mind often slips into Jel, but that is the only major difference from him and other Argonians. He was born under the sign of the Shadow, however during this time the Argonians born under the shadow were not sent to the Dark Brotherhood to be trained as Shadowscales, however Dan-Ei joined when he was old enough (the age required was at least 12) and became very skilled in the art of stealth and the bow being his preferred weapon. During a visit to Black Marsh, he contracted the disease of Lycanthropy, which transformed him into a Werecrocodile, which fortunately for him didn’t kill him and he never got caught, instead, using his abilities to get the better of his enemies. He never did join the Pact, although he does pledge allegiance to it because the Hist communicated with him with images and told him that the Pact was the only alliance with a just cause, forming a bond over stressed pasts for the greater good.
Best Memory - When he joined the Dark Brotherhood, where he expected to be met with serious assassins he was instead greeted with open arms into their group, finding most of the Assassins to have at least a bit of a sense of humor.
Worst Memory - When he first transformed into a Werecrocodile, which was unwillingly. He still remembers the immense pain that took place when his body changed shape.
Skills - Stealth, Archery, Lycanthropy
Challenges for the Character - Dan-Ei has a (what he likes to call it) slight anger problem, causing him to get angry quickly which is not good for someone who often slips into Jel and is also a Werecrocodile, but recently he has started to learn to control himself.
Birthsign - Shadow
Religious Views - Dan-Ei, like any other Argonian, pledges his life to the Hist; he believes his soul was given by the hist and when he dies his soul will be reincarnated as a new Argonian.
Politics Views - Dan-Ei really has no political views, as he prefers not to bother himself with such petty arguments, although he does believe that the Altmer are not worthy of the throne just because of their ancestry.

Dar'Rak: Khajiit assassin, son of the Mane, at your service. But not really.
Im-Kur: Argonian Nightblade, killer of men, caster of spells.
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