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Darius Velfhe

Started by Iamme123
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Firstname -Darius

Surname -Velfhe

Title - N/a

Sex - Male

Race - Nord

Age - 25

Occupation - Bard, archer, liar extraordinaire.

Faction - Ebonheart Pact

Appearance - Darius stands at 5'8" with a head of shaggy dirty-blonde hair and a goatee. He is built smaller, not massive like most nordic brutes, with blue eyes. He has no scars. He normally wears a rough pair of hard leather boots, comfortable fitting, brown, middle class pants, a black long-sleeved shirt made from silky looking fabric, and a leather cap that has a feather tucked into it. His wears a pack on his back that is covered by a scarlet traveling cloak, two steel daggers on each side of his belt, a bow on his left shoulder, a quiver of steel arrows on his right shoulder, and a lute in his hands.

Personality - Darius is evil and cold-hearted to his very core. He will do anything to maintain his well being or to better himself. He is calculating and observant, as well as calm. He normally puts on a cheery and happy looking face to fool those around him so he can use them to his advantage. He is most definitely a coward if he is direct danger of dying and will run, leaving everyone else behind if the odds are against them.

Backstory - Darius was born in the village of Winterhold. He parents tried to bring him up into despising the 'mysterious' mages and their college, but Darius was fascinated with them. When he was 16, he left his family and joined the College of Winterhold. He stayed there for four years and trained in regards to Illusion magic. He learned up to Expert on the tree of debilitation. Later, he claimed he was going on a research trip and took a bunch of books with him so he could consult them. What really happened was: He staged his death and escaped with a large amount of books on magic. He continued to train himself as he traveled throughout the rest of Skyrim. A year later Darius took a trip to Morthal. There, in exchange for lessons on magic for his son, a nordic man trained Darius in the ways of archery. Alongside that, Darius started to learn dagger combat so he could better defend himself if the need arose. Darius lied yet again and claimed that the man's son was magic-illiterate and couldn't learn, even though Darius 'tried his hardest' to teach the boy. He continued traveling and visited Solitude where he encountered bards at the Bard's College. He was told by one of the bards that he could get musical training in exchange for archery training. Darius, deciding he needed a new bowstring, broke his bowstring and claimed that he wouldn't be able to teach the man. The man, who was generous, bought Darius a new bowstring. Darius then trained the man in exchange for musical talents, getting a new bowstring in the deal too. Darius continued journeying to this day, swindling people here and there, always getting what he wanted in some way. He never knew why he was so evil. He just liked to watch the world burn for some reason.

Skills - Expert archery, moderate dagger combat, moderate freerunning, expert illusion spells upon the path of debilitating senses, master speechcraft, master in any form of musical arts.

Challenges for the Character - Not being discovered to be a lying rat. Otherwise, none. He likes to watch the world burn.

Birthsign- Thief

Religious Views- The Daedric Princes

Politics Views- They are simply an advanced form of occupations that people who can lie well attend. He would get into them if he didn't want to actively pursue destroying people's lives.
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Clusan- The Redguard duelist in search of 'Blade Singers'
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LOL. I like your bio, it is very different.

The fires burn. Our supplies are spent. Axes are dull, and armor is rent. The enemy approaches, our doom, they seek. We are Daggerfall Covenant. We are Orcs. Our comrades, they come, for glory they seek, at the side of our iron and steel. We will not fall.
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Clusan- The Redguard duelist in search of 'Blade Singers'
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