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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Social
Time Zone : Europe

Guild submitted by CloudJosh.
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About Dawnguard
Main Requirements About Us
"The history of the Dawnguard is vague and is surrounded by rumors and hearsay"...

The Dawnguard are an ancient order of vampire hunters who dedicate themselves to pursuing and eliminating this threat on the world.

They where founded by the Jarl of Riften and where charged with taking care of his son who had been bitten by a vampire. Though after time passed the threat of the vampire plague had slipped from the common folks memory which had weakened the group and so it was disbanded... until now.

The Vampires of Tamriel have started to stir again and there are rumor of dark plots and evil plans afoot. It is our duty to put a stop to this threat and hit it at the source, and for that, we need every able warrior we can get.
As of right now we haven't ironed out any details of the solid requirements that are needed to be apart of us, but we have been toying with one idea of all our members become Werewolves to combat Vampire guilds.
The Dawnguard is a group of casual gamer's who like to log on have fun and kill things. founded by four key members, we strive to create an environment that you would be proud to be apart of.

We are an easy going group who like to have a laugh and share a good sense of humor we also believe in being as utmost polite as we can be to one another and that is just some of the few quality's we look for in our members.

We choose the name "dawnguard" because in previous MMO's that we had all played with one another we had guildnames that where not very relevant towards the game, and with the release of ESO we wanted to have a guild that would reflect the spirit of the past games and something that others would recognize and envy.

Our aim is for the guild to grow and become a group of players who respect each other and always enjoy logging on if even only for a chat with other group members, we want to be a place where you want to recruit your friends and family and join them with us.

Our Dream is that we will grow and become a powerful guild to be respected and feared by others, and that dream, starts with you.

Welcome to the Dawnguard
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Editing to the guild page is now underway!!
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