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[DC] - [NA] Sodality of the Cairns is looking for Cyrodiilic and daedric slayers!

Started by Keihndeth
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)
Sodality of the Cairns is a cross-MMO community (TESO, Rift, and WoW) recruiting players for The Elder Scrolls Online. We have a friendly, community first mentality and are looking for more like-minded players. Trials will be held on weeknights (days TBD). Also, we are allied with TESO Elite from and the Moonsugar Runners on the Volendrung campaign. The Sodality is a PvX guild (PvE and PvP). You can check us out and apply here

What members can expect from the guild...
Community - A fun, friendly, vibrant atmosphere. We recruit based on mentality. If you're accepted, you'll be among like minded individuals with guild first mindsets who want to have fun. As a member of our sodality you're welcome to join and accepted into any other branch of our community.

Fairness- Opinions are asked for and valued. Loot is distributed by loot council. If you put the effort in with the right attitude, you will get rewarded.

No Drama - All guilds have it, but we have a zero tolerance policy for people who generate it. Immediate removal of these individuals ensures a happy guild atmosphere.

Experienced Leadership - Keihndeth (ESO) has lead a server first raid guild in Classic (BWL-NAXX40), lead a massive social guild in TBC, ran a moderate 10man in WotLK through Cata (ToC-Firelands) that converted to 25s (DS-present). Arbenn (WoW) has been an officer and has lead guilds across many MMOs since The Burning Crusade.

Help - We are always willing to help with dailies, builds, professions, guild repairs, and cheap materials via the guild bank. If you need it, ask.

Fun - Our goal is not to be world reknowned, but we can promise success, progress, and fun. All you have to do is promise loyalty to guild, abide by guild standards, and have a willing heart.

What we expect from all members...
Communication - Let officers know if you need something, if theres a problem, or change of status.

Good attitude - Be positive, helpful, and have fun. If your elitist keep it to yourself, don't put it onto others.

Dedication - Be resourceful, help other members in need, fill offspec role if called on, perform on a level where you're not being carried by the guild.

Preparation - If you're attending a guild event bring all food, flasks, pots you need. Be early to events with gear gemed, enchanted, and repaired. Study boss fights before encounter.

Maturity - No trolling, lewd/crude comments, being disrespectful, or being a ninja with our guild tag attached to your name. If you have a problem, approach leadership and do so respectfully.

Loyalty - Understand that decisions made by leadership are done with guild/community in mind. Put the community before personal self interest while participating with the community. Report problems to leadership.
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