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Decitus [Imperial]

Started by Decitus
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Daggerfall Covenant
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Name: Decitus
Race: Imperial
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Born: 14th of First Seed, 2E 554
Birthplace: Bravil
Archetype: Opportunist, Thief, Spy, Trader
Occupation: Caretaker of the Scarlet Sun

[Image: f915070d-ad88-4f04-99ba-47604f83c591_zps7cf9ac97.png]

There you were, waiting to make your weekly deposit in Glenumbra's premiere banking establishment - third in line. You slowly became vexed as you heard smirking, chuckling, and the unmistakable dialogue of grotty flirtations across the way. You leaned to your side, investigating what had been keeping you so long.

And that's when you first noticed him. The mildly young, yet travelled man in the studded Breton leather cuirass and matching fitted boiled greaves, propped against the croupier's countertop as he whispered to her, engaged in conversation you could only merit had no relation to his transaction. You could not help but notice that this banker was deeply enchanted by the stranger, as her eyes never left his gaze.

You let out a deep, loud sigh of concern as your hands moved to your hips, thumbs hooked at your sash in a display of irritable protest. As your stare locked at the stranger's back, the assemblage behind you followed suit as they echoed their growing irk.

The stranger brought his business to a close, turning to greet all those behind him with a warming, smug grin. He looked down at the floor for a moment as he made his exit, appearing almost lovestruck. The stranger grazed against the patron that had been in front of you - and with the most sincerest of pardons, wished the patron a kind reprieve as he left out the door.

A short moment later, the patron grabbed at his vest pocket in almost a panic, kicking at the leg of the table with gnashed curses. You noticed at that very moment what had happened - a dip had occurred and the patron's pocket was not as full as it once was. With bold interest, you hurried to the door, nearly kicking it open as you looked onward into blinding daylight. East.. West.. There he was!

The stranger had mounted his steed, and from his haste, left behind a trail of parchment from the saddle's kit. You walked out on the road and collected them. Perhaps they could shed light on the cutpurse's identity.

[Image: f915070d-ad88-4f04-99ba-47604f83c591_zps7cf9ac97.png]

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"Decitus? Aye. Friendly fellow, comes in here all the time! Buys me my drinks, see. We're great friends! No, best of friends! Well, unless he did something illegal . . . Come to think of it, I barely know the lad." - Yngwie

[Image: a6_zpscb8693b6.png]

"That name doesn't ring a bell. However, if my memory serves correct, the 'Scarlet Sun', is a fence. Just started up around these parts a few seasons back. Well, that's what I hear, anyway." - Vyric the White

[Image: a13_zps689e8d2e.png]

"Mmm.. That one I could never forget. Gave me the blue eyes one day. Word is, that smoothskin has more talent with his tongue than most Saxhleel are born with!" - Deem-Ja

[Image: a11_zps9e07d792.png]

"You tell me where that bastard is, and I promise you will be PAID! One thousand gold for that dog's head!" - Svalkmar the Crude

[Image: a3_zpsb0cb4b8a.png]

"Why? Did something happen to him? He comes here every week or so to provision his nag. She is so stinking cute - and he's not too bad himself." - Blandine

[Image: a5_zpsb87c381f.png]

"Ugh, I spit at that name. A traitor of the worse kind. He was a shade.. A nasty one. Killed his own men and went rogue! Last I heard, he was dead. Have you heard otherwise?" - Imperial Captain Gemelle

[Image: a8_zpsc8670ec2.png]

"Didakah knows of whom you speak. This one will tell you nothing!" - Didakah

[Image: a1_zps27d7ac5b.png]

"I know of him. Some say he ran the gamut around Camlorn some time back. Honestly, that's all I know." - Guyseph Cergend

[Image: a2_zps3143dfd1.png]

"He brings his business here sometimes, sure. I believe his niche is trading, I don't know. Personally, I've never had a problem with the chum. But some of the female patrons here may assert otherwise." - Phelain Bertault

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ESO ID: @trevelonx
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