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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Daggerfall Covenant
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Crazer.
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About Depraved
We are not bad people, We just play them in-game.

Depraved was formed to serve as a new home for committed PvP players in ESO. Many guilds are recruiting by highlighting the facts that they have been together for many years, they play 17 games together, they have years-long friendships with the current members, they have 1,2000 registered guildies etc, etc, etc. Depraved players see such features as detriments rather than boasting points. Depraved is calling-out to experienced MMO PvP players to come together and start a new guild in a new game. We will be strong, but keep our numbers small. We will be focused and brutal, but we will enjoy it all and have fun. We are good people who treat our guildies with respect and work as a team, but our impression to those who cross us will be that of ruthless, terrifying, mad-dog killing-machines.

Why Hardcore PvP?
If you have looked into Depraved to this point and do not know the answer, this is not the guild for you. Depraved will be lean, mean, focused, and effective. ESO allows players to join up to five guilds. All members will be free to branch out to other guilds for access to the secondary items and adventures when we are not on killing sprees. We will definitely be experiencing most of ESO as we level and grow, but our main focus will always be PvP.

Expectations and Conduct:
We are a guild of adult players. Adults have jobs, and playing ESO does not pay well. Depraved has no mandatory raid schedules. No demands on your log-in times, play style, or choices of class, gear, or build. The only rule we have is: If you are Depraved, You Have to Fight.

Since our focus is PvP, we aim to build this crew with the sorts of gamers who can't wait for another guildie to log in so they can team up and go kill people. We cannot build an effective crew full of lone-wolves or ADD players. You will need to be able to, and have a desire to, work as a team and coordinate with the rest of us.

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server that we will use to coordinate and execute our attacks. Before launch, please download the free client and have a working headset or mic for communications. Even if you do not have (or can not use) a mic, you will need the client to log-in and hear the team. *Please try to have a working headset or mic prior to launch.

The reason we seek adult players has a lot to do with maturity and respect. Racism, Sexism, Chat-Spammers, Chat-Trolls, Petulant Teens, Imperious or Immature Kids have no place in Depraved. We intend to be known, feared, and even hated for our PvP prowess. We will not tolerate real-world jerks. Respect your fellow guild members, and refrain from behavior that will reflect poorly on us as a whole.

Shared Power:
Depraved is not a monarchy. One of the benefits of building a guild from scratch for a new game is that it has plenty of room for all levels of guild involvement. The guild leader, Crazer, is a figurehead who built the foundation and will steer our focus, but the control and duties will be equally shared with guild officers. Whether you can only log-on a day or two per week, or if you have prior officer, mentor, squad leader, or recruiter experience and seek a leadership position, there is room for you in Depraved to be as deeply or as casually involved as you wish.

Why Daggerfall?
After much consideration (and reconsideration after the recent game-launch news), Daggerfall Covenant is the faction best suited for Depraved. We ask all members to create their main character in the Daggerfall faction. As stated earlier, we won't demand or restrict any features of gameplay. You are free to create alt characters anywhere you like. Though, to be effective as a focused tight-knit crew, we all need to start in one place so we can level, workout strategies, bond as players, and grow the guild together as a team.

Every indication shows that the Ebonheart Pact will have the greatest number of players, with the greatest number of kids, teens, and single-player fans. Aldmeri Dominion appears to be attracting huge numbers of RPers, and the multi-game power-guilds. Daggerfall is an underdog; A wild-card. Strategically, all of this should work to our advantage as we hone our skills and group tactics. Aesthetically, it will yield the most satisfaction from player-killing.

What is best in life?
"To crush your enemies, To see them driven before you, And to hear the lamentations of their women."
--Conan the Barbarian

Are you Depraved?
Apply now and prepare to set Cyrodiil on fire come launch day.

I'll see you in there one way or another. Will you fight beside me? Or bleed beneath me?
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Depraved Comments
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When all other attempts to stall the domination of the Aldmeri Dominion have failed. When hope is just beginning to fade on the faces of our people. When all seems eternally lost what or who do you turn too for your last offense? Who is willing to venture deep behind the endless hordes of enemy soldiers? Who is the "bad guy" of our enemies bedtime stories? Who makes even the bravest of knights shudder at the mere whisper of their name? Who is heartless enough to kill without mercy and destroy without empathy until the threat is neutralized? Who is willing to cause such chaos and pandemonium among enemy forces they they are to frightened to move? If you think that your name is the answer to these questions, then congratulations my friend you are Depraved! You are a killing machine willing to go to lengths other deem immoral to establish your dominance over the world. If you find yourself willing to go to these limits for what you believe and uphold than Depraved is the home for you!

adjective \di-ˈprāvd\
very evil : having or showing an evil and immoral character
; marked by corruption or evil
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We recently decided to break our plans to fight on the AD team, and have decided we will be pledged to Daggerfall! If you would like to become part of a guild focused on PvP, with cool-headed adult players, and who's name will become notorious within days of the launch-date... stop by our site and see if you might just be Depraved.
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The last beta was a riot. Taking on 2-3 times our numbers before being wiped even through lag, crashes, and freezes. ESO is shaping up to be a pretty good PvP game and it would be great to have a few more solid PvPers alongside. If you like playing in a small group utilizing superior group synergy, outnumbered, use TS3, can take constructive criticism I would love to slaughter people with you.

Personally I'd love to have a few mother healing based Templars and DKs who plan to bring some Molten Armaments/Standards along for the ride! :)
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