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Dessandra Camoran

Started by AluminumKnight
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I know there's a flood of characters, but I wanted to get this out there because I'm so excited about using her in my next RP!

Character name: Dessandra Camoran
Race: Bosmer
Class: Sorceror
Gender: Female

Looks: Short and of petite build, Dessandra is certainly not physically intimidating. She has an angular face with a small nose, and is somewhat pretty, though no stunner. She has big, very dark (almost black) eyes and shoulder length oak-brown hair, giving her a somewhat wild appearance. She wears either green roughspun robes, or when hunting or otherwise traipsing in forests, worn leather armor stolen from her father and crudely refit.

Bio: Born in Firsthold in 2E562 to the famous noble Camoran dynasty of Bosmer, Dessandra wanted for nothing growing up, despite her father only being a second cousin of the heir to the throne. Her family had moved to Summerset after the Khanaten flu spread to Valenwood. Growing up, she got a classical Altmer education, including the magical arts from a very young age.

She was born, however, with a desire for adventure and freedom. After hitting her adolescent years, she quickly grew bored and frustrated with her life. She was always second to her older brother, and her father was obsessed with gaining favor in the Camoran court, forcing her to learn etiquette, memorize distant relatives, and attend mind-numbing balls and functions. Eventually, things came to a head with her and her family, and she stole off in the night to find her adventure.

Personality: There are four important things to know about Dessandra: She was born into comfort, money, and nobility, was trained and spent most of her time with Altmer, is naïve and inexperienced, and last but not least, is a Bosmer through and through despite any other influence in her life.

Her family’s fame gives her a sense of entitlement, and she is used to having butlers, waiters, and any other multitude of servants on hand to attend to her. However independent she may style herself, she cannot escape the fact that during her formative years, this was the case, and she will often treat others, especially of the lowest classes, as her servants, even if she doesn’t mean to.

To compound this, most of her friends as well as her teachers growing up were Altmer. They, in fact, looked down on her for being Bosmer. Rather than keeping her humble, however, this gave her an inferiority complex. This often means that she comes off condescending and haughty due to trying to prove her worth. She also holds much less respect for men and beastfolk, and a high regard for magic.

Dessandra often finds herself in compromising or embarrassing situations due to her naivety and inexperience with the wider world of Tamriel. Her other personality traits only serve to worsen those situations, since she often antagonizes would-be friends and has a tendency to insist on her way no matter what.

Despite all of this, Dessandra is a Bosmer, and no amount of pampering can prevent her from connecting to the ancient power of her people, especially since she is aggressive, diving headfirst into danger and needing to improvise her way out, often alone. She has an innate connection with nature, and commands animals with ease. She is agile and sneaky when she wants to be, and is a good shot with a bow.

All of these traits combine to make a rather volatile solution: A snobby, condescending, impulsive, ambitious, young sorcerer with not quite enough confidence, experience, and power to back up her talk, but with strong Bosmer blood and excellent magic training

Combat Prefs: As a sorcerer, Dessandra specializes in Conjuration, Destruction, and Mysticism. She also summons Bound Bow and Bound Dagger as secondary weapons. She fights from a distance, using the Bound Dagger along with Poison Touch spells if she should be forced into close quarters.
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