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Dev QotW: 44

Started by Do'Rakk
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Thought this was one of the more interesting questions as of late, and I think for RPer's, thinking about it can help develop your character.

My answer was that due to the emotional and physical trauma Do'Rakk endured during slavery, he has become very emotionally detached from the rest of the beings of Nirn and see them less as people and more as objects. Not saying Do'Rakk is evil, more accurately, he views people as a means to an end. He will help people, but only if it benefits him in some way.

Now considering that we don't acually know what Molag Bal plans to do with our soul, I imagine some type of epic world destroying machine that is powered by souls. In Molag Bal's reasoning, Do'Rakks soul would be perfect to power this machine because besides being a straight up BAUS, his indifference to the people of Tamriel would ensure that his soul would be less inclined to interfere.

So, why has Molag Bal taken your soul?
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There's a conversation that I like in the Elder Scrolls Redguard between Cyrus, the game's protagonist, and N'Gasta, a sload Necromancer, that offers an interesting perspective on this. The two speak about N'Gasta's familiarity with the local pirates, who's souls he often takes.

Quote:N'Gasta: "...This one has tallied many of their rebellious souls in the present reign."
Cyrus: "What do you think of them?"
N'Gasta:"What does one think of the gold in one's pouch? Does one judge this coin better than another if both spend the same?"
Cyrus: "All the dead are fair curency, then."
N'Gasta: "Your wit accounts it well."

So king or beggar, good or evil, your soul is worth all the same to him. Of course I'm sure they might be pushing for a different angle in TESO!
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I mean he probably went on like, a "soul run" and took mine along with others.

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