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Developer Question of the week
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Developer Question of the week

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Ebonheart Pact
I designed a website with a lot of back story for my Saxhleel but sadly it got wiped so started rebuilding last week. In essence I am creating a back story that borrows heavily from Aztec culture, primarily Xibalba, roughly translated as "place of fear", and is the name of the underworld in K'iche' Maya mythology. Also Cults Of Prax from the other great role/roll playing game of the 80s, Runequest.
I played Morrowind religiously for a year so will not stray from its core history/setting but feel there is room to be creative to some degree.
It helps that information on the Argonians is some what misty giving room for maneouverabilty.

Cult of Xibalba is a Saxhleel religious order committed to working towards building within the alliance. Warlords and Warlocks will spread the Cult's message of blood letting not dissimilar to the Wood Elves cannabilism but blood is sacrificed to feed the Hist.
Intwined will be worship of the Twelve powerful rulers who are the Lords of Xibalba. Hun-Came (One Death) and Vucub-Came (Seven Death), and the remaining ten Lords are often referred to as demons and are given commission and domain over various forms of human suffering: to cause sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death.These Lords all work in pairs and are Xiquiripat (Flying Scab) and Cuchumaquic (Gathered Blood), who sicken people's blood; Ahalpuh (Pus Demon) and Ahalgana (Jaundice Demon), who cause people's bodies to swell up; Chamiabac (Bone Staff) and Chamiaholom (Skull Staff), who turn dead bodies into skeletons; Ahalmez (Sweepings Demon) and Ahaltocob (Stabbing Demon), who hide in the unswept areas of people's houses and stabbed them to death; and Xic (Wing) and Patan (Packstrap), who caused people to die coughing up blood.

Helps explain Argonians having a high resistance to disease & poison - as well as the origins of the Knahaten Flu and the Naga!

Xibalban cultists will also have strong animal connections (and totems so a bit like chosing a star sign from the original game) to the point that Werecrocodiles are the norm and all Xibalban cultists will strive for lycanthropy. Lost a lot of my notes so a work in progress again...but you get the flavour!
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