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Developer Question of the Week 19

Started by Ferroc
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Daggerfall Covenant (Redguard)

So sound off, other than questing, what sort of activities do you enjoy in an online game?

I really enjoy endgame PVE/PVP stuff. The big battle between hundreds of players, and runng through dungeons and large group PVE working as a team to take down mobs and bosses. Plus I sort of enjoy crafting a little, but farming for mats kinda sucks :/

Fight for something to die for, because living for nothing really isn't worth it.
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Crafting, foraging resources, selling/buying on players' market and headbashing

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Definitely Crafting and foraging for resources, but also mini games, Building Guild, Trading especially if they give ability to craft/find furniture for housing.
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I know there are quite a few players who hate it but I love world boss type events where a huge giant world boss spawns , all players get a message saying where it is and everybody can get involved and once it goes down everybody who took part gets a reward mailed to them based on how much damage they did or in the case of healers how much they healed/buffed people, the more damage/healing the better tier the reward. I reckon events like this could be quite awesome if they took place inside Cyrodill where pvp is also active .
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