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Developer Question of the Week #23

Started by Ferroc
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So this week focuses on NPC's from throughout the TES lore.
Full video link:

So sound off! Personally I'd pick Martin Septim. Oblivion was my first Elder Scrolls game and the story behind it was so amazing, at least in my opinion. I fell into the Elder Scrolls after that and still love it. To me Martin pretty much showed what the Elder Scrolls could be: as the player your character is kind of just an obscure individual within this wide open world, but your destiny is yours to discover and forge. And when fate calls upon you it comes down to you choosing whether or not to take up the call. Plus the fact that Sean Bean played Martin helped.

Fight for something to die for, because living for nothing really isn't worth it.
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Jiub..we are brothers ;)
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Co-GM of The Psijic Order Guild (NA)
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