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Devs join the age debate

Started by Nehemia
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"Elves live two to three times as long as humans and the “beast-races” (Orcs, Khajiiti, Argonians). A 200-year-old Elf is old; a 300-year-old Elf is very, very old indeed. Anyone older than that has prolonged his or her lifespan through powerful magic."

Somehow those ages do not match the previous titles at all.

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Yeah.....that seems a little wrong......especially when Queen Ayrenn WHOAH THEY CHANGED HER TO BEING 28 YEARS OLD WHAT, WHAT A RETCON, WOW. WHAT IS THIS I DONT EVEN

I'm pretty sure I'm not crazy and when that was first put up she was just over one hundred which was considered young for an elf.

Edit: I guess they want all the faction characters that they added to be dead by the time of Tiber Septim?

I really don't think it should have been done like this though :/ it smacks of "oh shit the elves will be alive when Tiber Septim rocks up, but pre-existing lore has other figures as the head of 'x' faction"
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the only thing that realy doesnt match are the orcs who are 1. called a beastrace and 2. actually dont live as long as humans.

As for the elves. thats actually not far off. Tho id consider 300 a logical age.
The thing is tho that its never implied that barenziah actually prolonged her life with magic, but it is possible as the upper class of elves always has access to quite a few wizards.

And also i figured she might aswell be alive by the time of tiber.
She is the queen afterall so if she doesnt die in battle chances are they will just make her live longer.
The only problem there is that by the time of Hjalti who-ate-a-horker rises the Dominion is no longer a monarchy but dominated by the Thalmor.
Perhaps she died in a political mashup. who knows.

As to 100 years equals a young age, this again could be because of her beeing of noble birth, then again it bareley makes sense when we consider that she went all over tamriell.

Ill do some diggin and questioning in that regard.
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I Think its pretty ironic that they wrote "Domination is not our goal...." when their factios name is the Aldmei dominion :p. And the Breton and Imperial lords should also have had acces to great mages. I agree with Sordak if they live for around 300 years and is a Queen she should be able to live at the time of Tiber Septim if not she is killed in a battle or by a jealous Altmer noble or something. I´ll also dig for answers.
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