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Disciples of the Wraith
Disciples of the Wraith

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Hardcore
Focus : PvE, Social
Time Zone : North America

Guild submitted by Rionyx.
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About Disciples of the Wraith
The Master commands and we obey. As she desires we follow suit. Lady Namiira, the Mistress of Arachnids, Ruler of darkness; it is She whose bidding we must serve.

~Welcome to Disciples of the Wraith~ We are a family based RP guild which focuses on light RP and Casual PvE. Our background can be traced through multiple MMORPG all with a similar playstyle which focuses more on our cooperation as a family with RP undertones. Feel free to ask for more information at any time.


Wraitheal was a young dunmer setting out on his first adventure. Well to be honest it wasn't much of an adventure really, it was exploring an old mine shaft that was uncovered when the river overflow washed out the rubbish that had kept it hidden from view his entire childhood up till now. The mine shaft wasn't very deep, as the area had never really been rich in minerals, but there was a small shrine in the back that held a strange aura. As Wraitheal approached it the darkness of the shaft became oppressive. Wraitheal wasn't concerned, unlike many folk, he was drawn to the dark places filled with things that writhed in the shadows and tales of hauntings. Upon reaching the shrine he knelt and began to clear away the cobwebs, and that was only the first of many mistakes he had made that day. Upon touching the webs he had awoken the interest of the Deity whose Shrine it was. The Mistress of Darkness, Lady Namiira. At first She had thought to kill the defiler, however upon closer examine the Lady noticed that Wraitheal wasn't just haphazardly destroying Her children's webs, but was actually, carefully, clearing away only those webs whose use appeared to be minimal to none. Seeing such diligence in a mortal, Lady Namiira decided to capitalize on the opportunity. She spoke to Wraitheal, drawing his soul to Her, binding his heart to Her's. From that day forth Wraitheal was no longer a simple conjurer or trickster, but was in turn to be known as The Wraith the new High Prophet to Lady Namiira, Mistress of Arachnids, She who dwells in darkness.

Rionyx was a dunmer who was down on his luck. His last crew had made a huge mistake when they mistook a wealthy merchant with three guards for an easy mark... especially when that "wealthy merchant" happened to be a skilled templar travelling with his dragonknight buddies. As the only one to escape with his life Rionyx was left with nothing. Hecate had stolen the majority of Rionyx's nestegg when he had ran off a week prior, and there wasn't much of anything left. No crew, no money, no plan, Rionyx was destitute. As he wallowed in his own self pity he was unaware that he was being watched. Not stealthily watched but blatantly stared at. Eyes red as blood were focused on him, peering into his heart and soul. These eyes belonged to none other than Wraitheal himself. As he traversed the land seeking those to do his Master's bidding. And Rionyx was a perfect candidate. Highly skilled at stealth, yet still in possesion of great destructive ability, he could go places Wraitheal could not. A second believer, a new follower of the Lady was a great idea. At first glance Rionyx knew this cloaked figure would change his life. Without a word, Rionyx rose and followed in the wake as the Right Hand to following, the first Disciple of the Wraith.
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