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Diseases Discussion!

Started by Avidus
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Recently I had a read about various diseases in the Elder Scrolls world, and thought to myself, which would be the deadliest disease? and what are some of the other cool ones.

Most people know of the Knahaten Flu, and just how deadly it was, however I find as it was very confined to make it less threatening and pretty easy to avoid.

I think perhaps the Thrassian Plague is the deadliest, after all it did wipe out half of Tamriel.

Another one of the diseases I would like to know more about is the Crimson Plague, I cant seem find any real information on it, Id really like to know just how fatal it is, from what I read it may not be a fatal plague.

And of course Its not really a disease, but Corprus! I would like to know Dagoth Urs plan with it. And why effected most by turning them into zombies, but others were turned into something with significantly more mental capacities.

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Collywobbles, obviously. Deadliest disease

Which is more difficult: To do as you wish? Or to have power and choose not to?
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