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Dlesyddion "Sydd" Varuhlen

Started by Idriar
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You suffer? Intriguing.

The study of your pain will increase my knowledge of Destuction and Restoration... mostly Destruction, I guess.

Firstname - Dlesyddion

Surname - Varuhlen

Hated Nickname - Sydd

Race - Dunmer

Sex - male

Age - 180

Occupation - Expert in Restoration, Master of Destruction

Faction - Ebenherz Pakt

Appearance - rather small, bluish black hair combed back, short beard, henriquatre, sad and tired eyes

Personality - secretive, looks on the world and other people with indifference, is sometimes even cruel and ignorant to the suffering of others

Alignement - lawful evil

Character´s Theme

Backstory -
He was born in Sarun into a family of merchants allied to the Hlaalu family. When he was a child he was playing at the seaside, when a Hlaalu girl, Remerea Hlaalu, was bitten by a Slaughterfish. Trying to save her he discovered a strong talent for restoration magic. Soon he was called, "Sydd" the little mage. The healer of the village - Lo-Dres Dres - made him to his student, but he refused to teach him any other magic else than restoration. For some reason he couldn´t learn anyother magic on his own.

When he grew older he wasn´t very pleased with his nick name "Sydd". He wanted to be respected as an adult. Also he was angry at his master Lo-Dres Dres, for refusing to teach him the school of destruction. After the mysterious death of his master on an expedition in a cursed tomb, a slave denied his orders to keep silent about the happenings. When the slave called him "Sydd" Dlesyddion turned that mad, he burned the Argonians face with bare hands. That was the moment he discovered his talent in destruction. To keep the slave silent Dlesyddion ordered his tongue to be cutten out of his maw.

Being in love and engaged with the Hlaalu girl he saved back in his childhood, he still had rivals due to the female Dunmer´s promiscuity. After he killed the other man, the Hlaalu girl commited suicide, cause the dead rival was the person she really was in love with. After being accused for the death of the old healer, the rival, the Hlaalu girl and pacting with evil Daedra the Tribunal didn´t tolerate he was sentenced to death. But on the day of his execution he healed his lethal wounds, freed himself from the chains with fire and killed his executioneers. Being afraif by such a demonstration of might the village and the authorities let him leave without stopping him.

With a heart full of grief Dlesyddion, knowing that he lost everything, his home, his family and his love, turned back on the world. He found calmness in training both destruction and restoration, as magic was the only thing left in his life. It was like his sorrow melted away the more might he gained. So eventually he joined the mage guild.

Full Background story:

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Recently he was banned from the guild for his temper and the attempt to kill his fellow mages on an expedition to cold harbour. Having impressed archmage Galerion himself in the past, Dlesyddion was gained another chance:

If he was able to cope with an incompetent team of warriors of the Ebonheart pact, without killing them, he would regain membership of the guild. Being good at haggling he could counter down the team number to three. The first that came along were recruited into the team:

Idriar Die-Faust, a overnervous, analphabetic Nord hunter, who fought with a bow and a claymore, speaking the dragon language fluently without having the Thu'um - to bad - who Dlesyddion already met in an adventure and...

Fears-no-Fire, a thief-knight, seeking redemption from her crimes by fighting for a good cause, wearing a heavy ebony armor, but sneaking as if a cat, who fell suddenly from the ceiling with a huge bag of swag... which was empty...

So he travels Tamriel, fighting for the pact against his will, in the team that is later on only known as: The Dragon Raiders!

Best Memory - personal moments with Remerea Hlaalu, but theses memories are unclear, like washen away

Worst Memory - The moment Remerea Hlaalu threw herself of the cliffs into the red sea

Skills - Restoration, Destruction. Though he only reluctantly talks to other people he has a great skill in haggling and persuading people.

Challenges for the Character - He can´t cast any spell else than restoration or destruction. He has some kind of traitorous trait which makes his group sometimes turn against him. Also his allies might be disturbed by him rather healing his enemies then his own fellow adventurers, "for they have the more interesting wounds". Also he´s bad in combat of any kind, refusing to use weapons or artefacts, as he claims that true might only derives from your own hands.

Birthsign - the mage

Religious Views - He pays respect to the tribunal as they have great might. Also he pays respect to the Daedra. But he would never pray to someone or somewhat, especially not the Daedra, for he lost everything that he loved because of them.

Politics Views - He doesn´t care for mundane politics. He only wants peace and quiet, so that he can turn to his studies without being disturbed.
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