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Do I buy a GTX 780 or wait?

Started by BryanGTR
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I definitely want a 384 bit interface card again,

I have a Evga gtx 670 ftw edition

I want this

It has 2 open fans which was a mistake I made when I bought my 670 not getting. I have a full sized atx case, with a lot of air flow.

Its the only upgrade I see that would be worth doing. My specs:

cpu: i5-2500k sandy bridge 3.3, (4.2 oc)
Mobo: ASrockl Z68 gen3 extreme3
ram: 16g of 1600 ripjaw x series
Storage: 128g Plextor SSD/1TB Samsung HDD
gpu: Evga GTX 670 FTW
psu: Corsair 1050w
OS: win7 ultimate 64-bit

But is it worth the purchase right now or should I wait until closer to TESO
s release? Input appreciated.
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