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Do'Zakar remade

Started by Took an arrow in the knee
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NOTE: This is a remake of my char Do'Zakar primarily affecting his equipment and backstory.

Firstname - Do'Zakar (pronunciation doe-za-car).

Surname - N/A.

Title - None.

Sex - Male.

Race - Khajiit (Cathay-Raht)/werewolf.

Age - 45.

Occupation - Warrior-monk.

Faction - Serves Elsweyr.

Appearance - Sand coloured fur with black on the tops of his arms and black rings and splotches covering his entire body like a leopard. He has very tall ears, even for a Khajiit, with many golden rings piercing them from the tips to the base. Very short fur, similar to a leopard's, but the fur on his jawline is longer than the rest and is braided with many golden beads. He also has other piercings on his face such as around his snout and on his cheeks all of which are pierced with golden rings like those in his ears. A very large Khajiit, about eight feet tall, given his being a Cathay-Raht with lots of mass and dense muscles but not a particularly brutish look despite his size.

Equipment[/i] - Wears a simple pair of leather pants with a pair of boots and a vest made of the same material and a pair of splinted vambraces made from boiled leather with a steel plate on the top and reinforced with iron. Occaisionally though he will wear a set of leather armour over top with steel reinforcements. For weapons he relies primarily on his ebony coloured claws as sharp as daggers but he also carries two compact one-handed crossbows that he carries on his back, one over either shoulder. He also carries throwing knives on a leather strap that goes across his torso from his right shoulder to his left hip as well as a few throwing darts in a satchel on his waist. Lastly he carries two shortswords that he either carries on his hip or strapped across his back.

[b]Werewolf appearance
- In his beast form Do'Zakar is much larger being about double his muscle tone and about three heads taller. In this form his fur turns glossy black so dark Nocturnal would be impressed and long pure white canines that would make a sabre-toothed tiger jealous and crimson irises as if from the realm of prince Dagon. His hands and feet grow much bigger and longer as well and his claws become as long as knives and sharp enough to shame a Daedroth.

Personality - Very proud of being a lycanthrope though he's slightly afraid of being discovered as one for the shame it could bring to him as a warrior. Has a fairly gentlemanly nature though not a "player" or "ladies man" by any means and has a very polite disposition to most except Dunmer. He will not stand for slavery or prejudice against his kind and will sometimes start fights with people who are racist against his kind or others. He is something of a hypocrite with this because he will sometimes judge others based on bad experiences with their kind. Especially Dunmer. He hates the idea of currency believing that it does nothing but corrupt and make others lax and lazy. As such whenever he has more money than he needs to sustain himself in foreign provinces he will often give it to a charity of some sort as soon as possible.

Social Background/Backstory - Do'Zakar was born to a caravan family roaming all across Elsweyr so he never really called one place home for to him all of Elsweyr was home.

He learned much in the caravan about bartering and a little bit of swordplay and some minor destruction magic as well as moving in light armour from his brothers and cousins who guard the caravan but he was restless and always made little ventures out with his closest brother Do'Zira, a Senche-Raht with whom he still travels with semi-frequently.

At age twelve though, the caravan stopped at a monastery in Annequina to deliver some supplies otherwise inaccessible to the monks and Do'Zakar became very fascinated by the practice of the martial arts there. In fact he was so fascinated that he begged his mother and father and his grandfather, the leader of the family caravan, to stay there and learn how to use the martial arts.

After a lot of discussion Do'Zakar stayed at the monastery with the kind old monks who warmly welcomed with open arms.

The latter half of Do'Zakar's childhood was spent living in the monastery being taught the Khajiiti martial arts and receiving an education. He enjoyed living in the mountains. It taught him self sufficiency and how to survive but he loved his life as a warrior-monk-to-be and the monastery and the monks in it even more and couldn't picture a better life.

When he was eighteen, a lost and sickly traveller from Cyrodiil found his way into Elsweyr and showed up at the monastery's door begging for refuge to which the monks obliged.

Do'Zakar was checking up on the man one night only to find the man huddled in a corner shivering uncontrollably and warning the Khajiit to keep his distance. Do'Zakar of course moved to investigate but before his eyes the man changed. It was the first time he'd seen a werewolf.

The beast slashed Do'Zakar giving him some deep cuts and sending him effortlessly across the room. The noise alerted the other monks who came to investigate and brought down the beast bare-handed using the martial arts.

Do'Zakar's wounds were healed with little effort but unknown to him or the monks the disease of lycanthropy had seeped into the wounds and infected the Khajiit's bloodstream eventually taking hold and progressing fully to lycanthropy.

Do'Zakar luckily was out to retrieve water when he had his first change into the werewolf that he is now and it scared him more than anything he'd ever known.

When he was twenty five he believed he had managed to control the werewolf inside him using meditation and the serenity that came from the martial arts but every now and again he couldn't resist the compulsion and had to leave the monastery to find something to kill.

That same year he decided to leave the monks and see the world taking the 'Do prefix and adding it to his name for his long training in the martial arts. As much as he loved that place he knew that there had to be more to life than being a monk and so he struck out wandering all over Elsweyr, Cyrodiil and Valenwood.

Since then during his travels he has always continued the practises he was taught with the monks such as the martial arts and self-taught himself swordplay. Throwing weapons and moving in light armour came surprisingly natural to him, they weren't so very different from his martial arts.

At age thirty though, he fell into the skooma and moonsugar trade in Senchal after, as he would tell people when questioned, "falling in line with the wrong people" and since has been running skooma and moonsugar routes from Senchal to Solstheim.

He does, however, very frequently visit his family who still run the caravan and is always received warmly and leaving is always hard but he always comes back with a tale or two to tell.

Best Memory - Just about his entire childhood in the monastery was pleasant, until the werewolf came.

Worst Memory - The night when he first changed into a werewolf.

Skills - Hand-to-hand combat primarily and Khajiiti martial arts, one-handed short blades, light armour, throwing weapons, one-handed crossbows, speechcraft, natural Khajiiti deftness.

Challenges for the Character - Overcoming his wolf spirit is his primary challenge but through the martial arts he can reign in his wolf spirit. Usually...

Birthsign - The Steed.

Religious Views - Follows the Khajiiti pantheon and worships Hircine.

Political Views - Doesn't really like politics and tries to avoid them when possible but he'll follow where the Mane and the ruling clans of Elsweyr go.

Other - Nothing at the moment.
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