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Dodge rating & chances

Started by Apoll
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There are couple of items sets that provide
Hist Bark : 200 dodge rating when blocking
Spectre's eye: 20% dodge chance.

Due to the fact that dodge is "active" ability, by double press the key to roll, what is the real bonus those two above provide?

I tried to find out, however I cannot, nor people asked online had a clue how they work.

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Dodge rolls is something you activate to dodge skills with aoe damage, it's like to go faster to safety to avoid taking damage.

Dodge chances are against "normal attacks" I would say, like sword hit, or claws. It means sometimes, when you would get hit by this enemy axe, it just passes through you without doing damage, because the game considers that you dodged it. It is a passive.
For example, the active ability of medium armor gives you chances of dodging/not being touched by attacks, nothing to do with dodge rolls.
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