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Started by TheEmperor
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Name: Dorvosei

Race: Breton

Age: Looks 37 (his real age unknown to everybody including him.)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Medium build. Has semi short dark brown hair with small beard. A long scar runs down his left cheek. He is nominally dressed in well fitting Iron Armor with black destruction magic symbols on it.     
- Height: 6.2

– Weight: 187

Personality Traits: Very cunning, strong. Friendly but slow trusting(as a result of several betrayal in his life).   

Weapon of Choice: The use of Destruction magic(mostly fire and shock spells) he also keeps a enchanted Daedric short-sword handy for close range combat. 

Favorite School of Magicka: A Master of destruction magic He is also an expert enchanter(so all of his Weapons and Armor are very well enchanted).
Additional Notes: When Dorvosei was young his parents were killed by bandits while they were passing though Skyrim. Lucky for him he was taken in by Skyrim natives after they saw his skill using his dead fathers sword fighting off wolfs. He then spent next 15 years of his life honing his skills as a swordsman and using learning to use destruction magic. Some time later in his life he struck a deal with Arkay who stopped his cycle of life and death making him basically ageless. 50 years later he was kidnapped by a group of daedric worshipers and trapped in a suspend  state of animation for hundreds of years, until and passing adventure freed him. He spent the next 50 years of his life rejoining the world he had lost while imprisoned and re-honing his skills as Battlemage and swordsman. He currently lives in a house out side of whiterun.
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