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Dovkeep Family Chapter 1

Started by Exillus
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Aldmeri Dominion
Part 1
As I awoke from sleep, I thought about that night mare I had last night. In that night mare was me with a blank face, as I was being tortured by many dark figures. I didn't know if it meant something or if it's just something that was in my head.

I got out of my tent to find no one else was awake. So I spotedthe nearest tree, took my book of destruction magic, sat under the shade reading some new spells I could try.
I senced someone was watching me, I looked up and it was Ji'dahr my younger adopted kahjiit brother, hanging on the branch.
"Mornin Ex!"he called down to me. He called me Ex which is short for Exillius.Wait, I forgot to introduce my self, I'm Exillus Dovkeep, I'm 15 year old high elf sorcerer I travel with my two adopted khajiit brothers, Ji'dahr(youngest) and Kitjahm(same age as me) and my father Glerius who knows every skill in Tamriel which he uses to train us.
Any way back to the story. Ji'dahr jumped down and said "Hey Ex?"
"Yes?" I responded
"Can you teach me some magic?"
"Well, only if you promise to use it only and ONLY in battle!" I told him
"Promise!" he said
"Now what type of magic do you wish to learn?"
" Hmm.... Fire magic"
I fliped through the pages to find the flame spells. When I found the page he pointed to a chain of a flames. "Do you really want to learn this one?" I asked
He nodded in certainty.
" Allright lets pratictice on that uhhh.." I looked to find something easy, but I couldnt see anything but our tents and trees.
*sigh* "ok, let's try it on the tree." I readied my frost tome to stop the tree from burning if it caught on fire.
"Ok just put your hand in front of you and think of a flameing chain , when you think of it use as much magikca to force it out then when it's out, pull as hard as you can."I instructed
He closed his eyes and a chain lashed out in flames, when it hit the tree he pulled and he broke off a chunk of wood and luckily the tree wasn't on fire either. I felt proud of jinti. Now if only he could use spells and weapons at the same time...
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Magic is not to be abused of, but to be embraced.- Glerius Dovkeep
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