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Started by darklady5
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DIll post drabbles and one shots here. I have two atm. Each one will have a liitle A/N at the beginning. Any suggestions or constructive critism is welcome.

A little one shot. Set during the during the purging of the brotherhood quest in Oblivion. A little drabble/my take on the scene.


Torn between loyalty and love.

She watched the last brother fall, crimson pooling at her feet.

She did not want this. Brother and sister to die by her hand. She did not believe they were to blame. But LaChance. Her loyalty to LaChance, her speaker, won out.

"So this is how it is..."

Her heart stopped, then proceeded to beat a furious rythm as blood rushed to her ears. She turned, facing her Vampire brother. Her mentor. Her creator.

She had yet to complete the change. One more day... now she would change and find herself alone in eternity. No! She couldn't! He must know his fate... why wasn't he running! Why did he stay, smiling so sadly with a knowing in his eyes.

He stepped closer and the echoing sound broke her daze. She stepped back, he followed. She stumbled and swayed, and he was there in a breath, hand at her elbow and other at her waist, steadying her. Her knife lightly pierced his shirt.

"Its okay..." he soothed. "Its alright..." "No!" Tears pricked her eyes as she shook her head. This was not alright! "It must be done... you know this..." A bead of blood formed as the tip of her blade pierced flesh. "I... I cant... not without you!" She begged. " must..."

He stepped close. Embracing her as he embraced death, blade sinking to the hilt. A breathy gasp left his lips. The light in his eyes extinguished and the pair crumpled. "No.. no... no!" The word tore from her lips like a mantra, each repitition with more ferocity then the last as she denied it. Denied all of this.

But he was dead. The purification complete. The fledgeling now... alone forever.

An eternity in darkness. The same eternity Vincente once faced... it was her turn to face.

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A Scorned Farewell

A/N: Another One-Shot in the Dark Brotherhood questline in Oblivion. The final thoughts and emotions as the now listener named looks upon the body of her Speaker. Plus a little bonus.

He was dead.

Her world spun and froze in place, a surreal feeling overcoming her. In the distance, so far away she could hear the door to Applewatch shut behind her. The evidence, worthless now weighed heavily in her pack. Too late. She was too damned late.

"Lucien.." she tried to form his name upon her trembling lips but the name escaped only as a choking force. He hung upside down, clad in his birthday suite. A large hole where his heart had once been held only streams of drying crimson and a blackness empty and much like the void. Small sections of rib peeked out feebly.

So loyal even to his dying breath. Innocent. And they had not only murdered him. They had thoroughly disgraced the great speaker.

One of the speakers, a woman, approached and she could only nod mutely. Too late. She didn't even hear what the woman said, a strange buzzing resonated in the silencers ears. The woman touched her shoulder and finally the young sister found her voice. "May... may I have a moment... with the body?" The Speaker smiled and nodded, mistaking her intentions. "Of course child I can understand your need for vengence. Meet with us in the city." The Silencer only nodded and waited, head bowed, as they left.

Perhaps at this point she should have been questioning. Sithis. The Night Mother. How and why. Yet her mind remained as empty as the void. She should have gagged as she lowered him to the ground and cradled him in her arms. Yet her being was too far gone, even the Dread Father could not reach her.

The numbing bliss remained as she wrapped his form, burying him. She would lay the others with him later. Ocheeva... Vincente... at the name of the vampire feeling returned. Her legs folded under her as she crumbles before the mound signaling LaChances final resting place. She fell, curling on her side and giving into fresh sobs. "Sorry... so sorry... so sorry..." Hours passed, yet suddenly under the drenching downpour a new sensation crept across, like a hand and her cheek. With it came strength. This wasn't over. The traitor was free still. The Night Mother...! At least for Lucien... she needed to do this.

As the black mare and rider dissapeared in the torrent of rain a lone figure remained, stationed by the mound, a proud smile gracing his lips. "May Sithis guide your blade... my her Listener..."

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