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Dragon Riders [Dr] -Ebonheart Pact PvP - North American

Started by Moorecore
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Dragonriders [DR] is recruiting!

That's rite! DR is recruiting for ESO! IF you prefer to run interference and be called on by the zerg when they need a force that can wipe the competition this is your place! We focus on smaller intensely focused groups to run interference for the main force such as cutting off enemy players while being outnumbered at all times. We work closely with larger guilds and coordinate with them to conquer objectives while we conquer the players.

Even if you are not well acquainted with PvP, but are open to learning about it and want to be competetive, this is the place for you. All of our members are open to helping people learn and in the PvP sense we always share ideas on how to make each other better on the battleground. Attitude is everything and if you are well spirited and listen that is all we ask!

In DR, we look for only a few qualities in a member. Simply put, you must be friendly, mature, and as active in game as you can be. We understand you have a life outside of gaming. One more time must be mature and respectful I will harp on this all day. We are professional and each member is to be treated with respect. We will never tell you what class to play or build to use!

For more information, visit our specific website at and become part of our team!

Joining a guild is a personal decision, not every guild is a fit for every person and Dragonriders is no exception. We are a group of friends and families that have met in game or real life since our inception in 1999. Our policies lean toward a mature mindset and our members tend to stay with the guild for a very long time and follow it to the different games we play.

A few quotes others made about us,

"Dragonriders [DR] - These guys actively turn the tide of most any fight they find themselves in while not fielding the larger numbers."

"We bumped into Dragonriders [DR], and I have to admit... that was pretty damn effective."

"Gotta admit, [DR] has come to my rescue on many occasions. [VI] loves roaming around with them because our playstyles mesh really well together and we get some crazy things done together."

"Dragonriders [DR] - Whenever these guys engage in combat the tide will turn, or they will die trying. The former happens a lot more often than the latter."

If you have any questions ask away!
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