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Draskil Velathi [EP, Dunmer]

Started by Velathi
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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
NOTICE: All information below is OOC knowledge unless your character ICly learns it.
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Draskil Velathi
Character Blog
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[Image: draskil1-transp.png]
Art drawn by @Samf © 2013
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  • (( Disclaimer: My Bio writing process is a bit "off-the-top", so the formatting is really unorthodox. I swear I am not this unorganized all of the time! Also, this character has been involved in RP over the past six years on multiple forums with a slightly different bio every time to fit the time period, which allowed him to ICly learn to do a lot of things while still being a bit flimsy in certain areas that can be found ICly. Apologies if he seems a bit OP because of that. :3 ))

    • Name: Draskil Velathi
      Callsign: Velathi
      Rank in Ebon Aegis: Boss
      Race: Dark Elf (Dunmer)
      Gender: Male
      Age: 227 (Born 5, First Seed, 2E 356)
      Birthsign: The Lord
      Skin: Dark Ash
      Hair: Black
      Eyes: Dark Red
      Build: Tall, Muscular (For a Dunmer)

      Religion: Daedric Princes Mehrunes Dagon and Sheogorath

      Family: Alsvieri (Daughter of Draskil), Vlita (Daughter of Alsvieri, Grand Daughter of Draskil)

      Notable Item(s): An ebony locket containing the names and painted faces of Velathi's daughter and grand daughter.

    • Draskil is best described as unpredictable. His attitude towards others vary by how much he thinks they are worth and what their previous actions or words have shown about them. This attitude can change very swiftly.

      He can act anywhere from a ruthless villain to a somewhat noble gentleman, but anyone who truly knows him understands that above all, he is not a very "good" person. Velathi enjoys pressuring people and breaking their spirits, but only does such within reason unless they have truly slighted him.

      It can be noted that when Draskil inflicts violence upon an individual, he will go into an angry monologue if it is violence inflicted due to a personal matter. If the violence inflicted is not due to personal motives, he remains calm and deathly silent, a wicked focus appears in his expression.

      His largest character flaw is a large ego. Draskil is very cocky and confident, but not to a degree that exaggerates what he can do. He simply does not hold fear in his heart, and prefers to destroy anything and anyone who attempts to cause him fear.

      Very rarely, Draskil comes across an injustice he does not feel right about simply allowing to happen. This is due to his past Nobility status within House Redoran, and saving those who are truly in dire need occasionally happens, which should surprise those who know him well. Velathi cares less about the individual he "saves", and more that there is someone thinking themselves high enough to constantly victimize another individual.

      Draskil has the philosophy that if he ever met another person too similar to himself, he would kill them because he would see them as too dangerous and volatile to live.

      Another thing to note about Draskil's personality is that those who are loyal to him earn his loyalty in kind. Once slighted, however, the trust and loyalty is instantly, cleanly, and coldly broken and violence/punishment ensues.

    Physical Description
    • Draskil's face is strong and angular, handsome for his kind, with dark red eyes always containing a certain amount of focus. His hair is black and cut off at his shoulders, usually mostly tucked behind his ears. He has no facial hair, but occasionally uses war paints of various designs. The flesh of this Dunmer is a very dark ashen color with a hint of blue shade in certain lighting.

      Carrying himself and speaking with the tone of a proud noble warrior, Draskil stands out easily in a crowd, though he can change his tone of voice, accent, and posture at the drop of a hat due to his skills with speech and body language if he truly needs to blend in.

      Velathi is quite tall and muscular for a Dunmer, but not too bulky, as he has a very easy grace and fast movement capability when needed. Along his torso and arms exist many small scars from previous encounters, the most notable scars being the lash marks all over his back.

      Overall, Draskil is very healthy, handsome, strong, and clean in appearance, likely a gift from his birthsign, The Lord.

    • Draskil is a fan of alcohol and rare recreational drug use. He also has a habit of keeping himself and his equipment extremely clean,. When he speaks, he enunciates every word clearly, which was a habit he could not escape from after leaving House Redoran.

    Noteworthy Skills
    • Deception
    • Leadership
    • Spoken Word
    • Penmanship
    • Observation
    • Heavy Armor
    • Longbow Marksmanship
    • Crossbow Marksmanship
    • Destruction Magic (Minor skill in every other Magic School)
    • Melee Combat (Including Hand-To-Hand, Shields, and All Melee Weapon Types, along with environmental or improvised weapons.)
    • Torture (Less skill in Interrogation, but is very good at keeping his targets in pain and alive at the same time.)
    • Repairing/Maintaining Equipment (He is not a Blacksmith, but knows how to keep his gear usable and clean.)

    Most Notable Flaws
    • Racist
    • Egotistical
    • Impulsive
    • Paranoid
    • Contentious
    • Self-Conscious (Try to figure that one out.)

    History Summary
    • Draskil has lived through quite a bit of conflict. As a child he was the bastard-son-turned-Noble of a member of the Velathi Family of House Redoran. Velathi's mother was a whore who died giving birth to him. He killed his own father once it had been proven his father broke the honor code of House Redoran in a grand fashion. The young (at the time) Mer did not hesitate to cut his father down at that point, which raised some concern.

      Velathi rose through the ranks of House Redoran's army very quickly, and at age forty he was put in charge of an expedition to one of the first settlements of House Redoran in the Ashlands. Draskil never found out who did it or why, but he and his company were ambushed in the night. Draskil and a few others escaped alive, but his companions disagreed that they should head back to the mainland. Instead wishing to plunder old ruins. He never found out what their fate was, and he never returned to House Redoran. Technically, Draskil is still Nobility, but he denies it entirely.

      On his own, Draskil began to slowly become less compassionate and more ruthless, hiring himself out as a sellsword to anyone who had a job needing doing. He began the groups that preceded Ebon Aegis and cycled through members repeatedly considering they all betrayed him or left eventually on good terms.

      Draskil had a lover at one point, and they birthed a daughter, who Draskil took care of with his lover until his lover died during an Argonian ambush. This truly began Draskil's spiral into the man he would eventually become. Years later, he found his daughter with an elder adult male who was after her hand. Draskil disapproved of the suitor and slaughtered him in front of his own family. Velathi then left, as his daughter raised the point that she was a grown woman by that time and could make her own decisions. Recently he found that his daughter has forgiven him and has birthed a young daughter of her own, making Draskil a Grand Father. He visits them both once every two months, alone.

      Draskil's recent actions have begun his recruitment process all over again, hoping this time that the new group will prove less fickle and more useful than their predecessors.

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Ebonheart Pact (Dunmer)
Our profiles are, like, twins! I wonder how that happened... Weird.

Also, this doodle I did of him still makes me giggle.

[Image: draskilchibi.png]
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Aro: "Draskil! WHEEEE!!!"
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