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Dravio Sanguile

Started by Dracovius
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Faction & Race:
Ebonheart Pact (Argonian)
First name - Dravio
Surname - Sanguile
Race - Argonian
Sex - Male
Age - 36
Occupation - Former slave, entered into the college of Illusion
Faction - Ebonheart Pact
Appearance - A strong muscular looking reptile, with leathery red skin that flowed down his back, while dark black skin covered the front. He had a large fin on the top of his head to symbolize the tribe he was from. His claws were razor sharp which helped him fight and catch his pray.
Personality - He has had a multitude of personalities growing up, but he has always had the "I only need myself" kinda of intuition. He believed that he was knowledgeable on more than anyone, ehich of course he was not, but he believed it. He had feelings for others but barely showed it anyone except those lucky few who got the good treatment.
Social Background/Backstory - Growing up has been an emotional experience from Dravio. He was born into a slave family who was being ruled by Imperials at the time. His mother was practically beaten to death as she watched her father struggle for her freedom. It wasn't until he turned about 18 that his father passed away after being stabbed by his landlord. Since then Dravio has lived a life of fear. He ran away leaving his mother behind to have the same fate as his dad. As she watched her son make a run for the gate, she felt a piece of herself die. After all this happened he moved back to the city of StormHold in Blackmarsh were he was able to begin a job as a shop owner, selling clothing to people who needed it. One day he found a book in the shop that had all sorts of incantations on it for magic spells. He later found out that there was a college that he could figure out how to use those, so he began studying from the local Mages guilds studying on his own rather than in groups like the others.

So once he arrived at his first Mages guild he was told what type of magic he would be associated with... Conjuration. Conjuration was the summoning of certain beings into the real world. At first he did not believe it was true until the Guildmaster showed him up right in his face. His Guildmaster was the only person he ever fully trusted, even talking about his life as a slave.
Best Memory - His best memory was probably finding that book in the shop he worked for.
Worst Memory - His worst was definitely when he ran away leaving his mother behind knowing that she would not make it.
Skills - He is very stealthy he likes to move behind as slower paces than most and stick to the shadows and let his spells do most of his work. Although along with training with magic he trained with a bow quite often, and was a fairly good shot for an Argonian.
Challenges for the Character - He had to conquer figuring out how to use the magic, he had to figure out how he was going to keep himself going after losing his entire family.
Birthsign Thief
Religious Views He currently does not believe in any Gods, but who knows that could change in the future.
Politics Views He has not been all too focused in politics either, he tends to sty to himself not paying attention to whatevers going around that's big only his Magic.

Man have not made one of these in a long time... kinda disappointed with how I did it but who knows maybe I will fix somethings up.
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