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Duran Vaynas

Started by Tarkil Indoril
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This biography is a bit outdated in both quality and character. If you wish to gauge my writing ability then I'd suggest looking at Odvuach's page. If you wish to get a better understanding of the character, then assume this page is current. (It is, mostly. Just undetailed and requires a great deal more work in retrospect.) If you have questions, feel free to ask through a PM.

"There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it never care for anything else thereafter." -Ernest Hemingway

Name: Duran Vaynas
Race: Dunmer
Gender: Male
Age: 187 (Born First Seed, 2E397)
Origin: Ald'ruhn, Vvardenfell, Morrowind.
Height: 6 ft 2 in
Weight: 188 lbs
Birthsign: The Lord's Season is First Seed and he oversees all of Tamriel during the planting. Those born under the sign of the Lord are stronger and healthier than those born under other signs.
Occupation: Redoran Kinsman
Religious point of view: "'A Redoran must show piety to the Aedra and Daedra, our creators and ancestors. For without the divine, we would not have the chance to serve. And without divine law, we would not know right from wrong. And without giving thanks for these things, we would forget out place and our purpose.' It's what I've been taught, and I believe it to be true. Although, on occasion we all must do what is necessary to do what needs to be done."
Political point of view: "I serve my house and kin first and foremost, and while our alliance with the Nordic peoples and the Argonians may be strained, I will accept them out of necessity. I will ally myself with those any who further my cause, if the goal of such an alliance does not go against any cause of my own. I rarely act within the machinations of politics, but I understand the value a skilled diplomat may have."
Moral point of view: "The gods shall hold their morals, and I shall direct my weapon. I will do what required of me, the morality of my actions are of a lesser consequence."
Likes: "I value the principled conduct of kin and clan, loyalty to one's allies, and most of all I value competence, bravery, and skill. Find a cause you believe in or create one, then fight with all the valor you have."
Dislikes: "Foolishness is anathema to me and my house, but sometimes my personal beliefs must be cast aside in the pursuit of completion. Besides this, cowardice and incompetence are not traits that I appreciate."
Allegiances: "I serve my house when they have need of me, and I serve the Pact by extension. I will serve and guard those who further my ends or the ends of my allies, and as long as the results are satisfactory I care little who it is that I must stand beside."

(Face, Body, Stance)
Duran's thin and angular face is marked with the signs of battle and worn by the ashes of Morrowind. His large, burning crimson eyes are both grave and analytical, though do not appear unkind or cruel. His ash-darkened black hair is pulled back into a short tail, born out of necessity rather than aesthetic appearance. Duran is slightly taller and more heavy-set than most other Dunmer, and his stance is straight, disciplined, and practiced, far more out of habit and training than cognitive choice.

He wears an aged and battle-scarred set of heavy Redoran armor; a dark brown netch-leather under-armor with large plates of light brown-grey chitin overlaid on the top, with markings of red dye on the pauldrons and helmet. The armor is obviously worn and has been damaged and repaired many times over, and the red markings that designate him as a Dunmer of House Redoran are worn and faded. The armor is thick, heavy, and very durable, showing Duran's preference for defense over offense. He carries a large chitin tower shield, slightly rounded to cover more of his body and tall enough to protect against archers. The light brown-grey chitin on his shield is contrasted by the large symbol of House Redoran, the scarab, painted in the same color that marks the rest of his armor. When not in use, the shield is carried on his back, slung by a large guige. The chitin used in the shield is comparably lighter, obviously meant for arrows and slicing/piercing attacks and not meant for continuous blows by maces or axes. ((+)Defense to piercing/slashing damage, (-)Defense to bludgeoning/crushing damage.)

(Armaments & Utility)
A netch-leather scabbard that lies on the back of his Redoran armor bears his naginata and shield, while his recurve shortbow and quiver of light chitin arrows lie below them in a sidelong fashion. On the sides of his torso and legs are a large number of dark guar-leather pouches containing various supplies that may be required on long marches, such as armor repair and cleaning kits, foodstuffs, water skins, and other items of like nature. His customary weapon is a naginata, a pole weapon bearing a blade at the end far longer than what would be used on a spear. The blade used by Duran is around ~45 cm long, straight, and double-edged.

Duran is a grave and honest person by nature and upbringing, and while not averse to a good song and drink he frowns upon living life in a light manner. Despite Duran's loyalty to his House and by extension his House's beliefs, he is far less of a traditionalist than some other Dunmer, and believes that the means justify the ends. Duran prefers to lead than to follow orders, but he is capable of either as need be.

Unlike what one would expect of the stereotypical warrior Duran is relatively well-versed in etiquette and word, although he prefers show by doing and not saying. When he does speak he is direct and candid, standing calmly at attention and making sure his point is understood.

He thinks tactically and pragmatically, analyzing both friends and foes for their strengths and weaknesses as that knowledge may be of use at a later time. He is often guarded and withdrawn, even among his House and those he knows well. He prefers to watch, observe, and analyze.

Duran is slow-moving and defensive, almost thoughtfully so. He bears a heavy bonemold tower shield in his left arm, with a chitin naginata in his right hand. He prefers to keep opponents back long enough to analyze them and test them, and then move in with utter surety of plan.

(Strengths & Weaknesses in Combat)
As a slow-moving defensive fighter he excels in enduring a beating and living long enough to plan and enact a counterattack. Due to his heavy armor and thoughtful attack process he has problems coping with rapidly changing/obscure conditions and moving quickly enough to get to where he is needed.

(2E396-2E425, age 0-19)
Born and raised into a House Redoran family, Duran has been accustomed to the path of discipline and piety since childhood. Trained in naginata and shield by his father and his House, Duran knew he was born for battle and welcomed it.

(2E413-2E429 age 19-35)
As training proceeded he grew increasingly distant from his peers, focusing only on the future. He centered his life on combat and honor, and as a result he does not pay much attention to the other aspects of life, and his social skills have suffered as a result.

(2E430-2E472, age 36-78)
As he grew older and began to work for his House performing jobs and doing deeds, he grew in strength and knowledge. During this time he faced many minor challenges and fought a number of battles. Some of which are stories for another day, and an untold number will never be widely known.

(2E473-2E578, age 79-184)
After many long years of work and effort in the war against the Akaviri he rose to the rank of Kinsman in House Redoran, not mainly due to great martial prowess but due to his tactician's mind. He has found uses in his tactical skillset in both combat with fellow Redoran warriors, to train and lead rag-tag village militias against the Akaviri, and to make the hard decisions when necessary.

(2E579-Present, age 184-Present)
As war appears on the horizon, Duran searches the lands for challenges to assure himself constant practice. And so, this is how one meets Duran Vaynas.

•Battle Tactics
•Enemy Analyzation

•Heavy Armor
•Heavy Shield
•Pole Weapon
•Armor and Weapon Repair


Penance: Despite his stoic exterior, Duran feels personally responsible for the fates of those he fights besides. As much as he would prefer to be the tactician, he is sometimes forced to put himself in precarious situations in an attempt to protect those he respects.
Regret: Duran has seen many battles over the years. He had fought alongside the Nords to repel the Akaviri. he had stood amongst the remains of Windhelm. He had fought the Daedra allied with Molag Bal and his dark anchors. Despite all his planning and his best efforts, the reality of war is that not everyone comes back. His constant deliberation is in some part motivated by his constant regrets regarding those he feels he has failed.
Self-searching: After gauging all his life on military goals and achievement, he has issues finding his own morals, and this troubles him more profoundly than he knows.
Ambiguity: In morally, politically, or religiously grey scenarios Duran has difficulty deciding what he believes is correct. When he is stripped of his guides, there is little conviction left.
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Duran Vaynas
Absit Invidia
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Ok, It seems like you have a definite direction you want your character to go, which is very good. Some advice i'll give you on being a honourable character, think of things that will test it and i mean REALLY test it! Think of a scenario where your character would fail being the honourable hero he wants to be! (If you have been up to date with Game of Thrones you'll know a good example of this)
Nice to see a very focused character but try to add more depth than "he's honourable" how does he differ from the many other honourable knight out there (and trust me there will be a lot).
Lastly what's his weaknesses? And i mean BIG weaknesses. Sure you got his challenges but i don't see how they would be a hindrance.

Over all very good character. I look forward in seeing him grow and expand! ^-^

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Thank you for your input, I will try and add more details and quirks to him soon.

Duran Vaynas
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