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Ebongarde | Heavy RP | Mercenary Guild
Ebongarde | Heavy RP | Mercenary Guild

Quick Info
System :
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP, Roleplay
Time Zone : Europe
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Wulfric.
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About Ebongarde | Heavy RP | Mercenary Guild
The Ebongarde

Note: Some roleplay may be incorporated into PvP!

Note: Some roleplay may be incorporated into PvP!
Another note is that the current guild logo is just a placeholder, it may change.

Page layout
Ranking structure
Guild lore
Where the guild is based
More information about the type of RP this guild provides
Other miscellaneous information

Ranking structure
Witan – A Witan is at the head of one of the three families of the Ebongarde, he jointly makes decisions with the other two Witan’s.

Althing – A title given to an exceptional highly loyal soldier of the Ebongarde this is a prestigious position, the highest of all officer ranks. Usually the Althing will carry out the orders given by the Witan along with keeping the discipline of the lower ranking officers in order. The Althing may also serve to seek out contracts to offer to the Witan’s to approve or decline. The only rank other than the Witan which the Althing has no jurisdiction over are the Huscarls.

Thegn / Thane – A thegn or thane is the standard officer, men or women of this rank keep discipline within the ranks of the Galloglaich.

Huscarl – These men or women are the bodyguards of the Witan, fierce in battle and loyal unto death they will fight with their lives to protect their designated Witan. They cannot be ordered about by the Althing or the Thane’s.

Galloglaich – The standard soldier of the Ebongarde.

Fyrd – An unskilled man or woman equivalent to that of a militia, basically it is the recruit rank or a rank for any non-military personnel until a rank has been created specifically for them.

Guild Lore
In the north of Skyrim laid a small isolated village occupied by the clan: Saxi, the leader of which went by the name of Valdis . Like most Nords the Saxi upheld a culture greatly valuing honour, glory and resilience. The Saxi were only a small clan but were a very tightly knit community slow to trust strangers with their combat expertise in the form of melee, in times of battle they would perform a ritual before working themselves up into a rage equivalent to that of a wolf or a bear. They would snarl, growl, bite all involuntarily as their strength and speed would reach it's full potential under this state. Their ferocity however was extremely taxing and after a battle any of the Saxi who entered the rage would need to spend at least a full week to regain their energy.

All was well in the village until one particular winter was extremely harsh on them and it began to take its toll, withering away their stock of food, their crops and their energy. The lack of food sparked a famine in the village and provoked Valdis to call upon the village to provide one who has the stomach to travel through the blizzards and find anyone or anything which could provide supplies to the isolated clan in exchange for anything at all due to the dire situation.

A brave man who's name seems to have been lost heeded the call of Valdis and battled against the weather and had stumbled across a half-burnt and still smoldering village scattered with corpses and the stench of death, man woman and child grieving while collecting the bodies of the dead. The man of the Saxi had approached what looked like the man in charge and had explained the situation. The clan he had encountered were known as the Helvetii and the leader, Brunhjer had explained that the village had won an extremely costly battle and would happily pay the Saxi clan with plentiful amounts of food and some gold if they aided them against a large organised group consisting of bandits belonging to no formal clan.

With this message the man of the Saxi was given a horse by the Helvetii and he rode back to the Saxi village as fast as he could and gave the message to Valdis who had made the tough decision to declare the Saxi into a temporary exodus into the lands of the Helvetii to aid them against the bandits. Some of the Saxi did not make it due to the bitter cold and the lack of supplies but eventually they had arrived. They were provided shelter, food, and drink by the Helvetii for a total of two months until the organised group of bandits were back. With the village defences fully prepared and reinforced by the Saxi the bandits attacked.

The warcries of the Helvetii rung proud and true in the formation of a shield wall as the bandits made the charge - clash the bandits had made contact, with both sides fully engaged Valdis gave the order for the Saxi to emerge from the forest ambushing the bandits from the side as they sprinted with vigour and battle cries of their own. Heads were hacked, limbs were cut, chests were impaled the large two handed axes of the Saxi coupled with the psychological shock of the ambush and warcry completely demoralised the bandits and they began to flee but few had lived to tell the tale as the majority of the bandits were impaled by throwing axes and arrows.

The Helvetii upheld the agreement and through this the Saxi became fairly wealthy and had enjoyed many fine feasts. Valdis had made the decision to make this the lifestyle of the clan. No longer would the Saxi have to suffer famine again as they find glory on the battlefield and thus is the birth of the Ebongarde. However while the Saxi - the Ebongarde enjoyed wealth and glory there came a period of depression followed by strife, anger and sense of misdirection as Valdis had been found dead in the morning in his own pool of blood. He was assassinated. With no immediate son or daughter this caused turmoil as three claims were laid upon the leadership. The Hulfred family, the Hlidskjalf family, and the [TBA] family. Blood was shed and what Valdis had worked so hard to create had nearly been destroyed, an elderly Helvetii man appeared in the company of the families and managed the quell the violence proposing that the arguing families must bind together to rule together otherwise the clan will be no more.

Still the families continued to argue until this old man revealed himself to be Brunhjer, the previous leader of the Helvetii clan and each family agreed to lower their swords for the sake of what Valdis would have really wanted and for what is right for the Saxi people. Years later the descendants of these families are Wulfric of the Hulfred family, Hylding of the Hlidskjalf family and [TBA] now lead the Ebongarde, primarily made up of the Saxi people (which includes the three families) but do allow the odd dark elf and argonian in

Thus is the story of the Ebongarde!

Who we are and what we do
We are an English-speaking European role-playing Guild set up with the principle of bringing a mercenary styled approach to our adventures. Aiming to be providing in depth and large scale role-playing events as well as pre-determined ‘contracts’ to be handed to other guilds or roleplayers on occasion to help add value to a rank system; that will pay off the more you play with us and the more you develop the Guild. We will also be taking part a fair bit in PvP also.

The predominant culture of the guild will be Nordic however we still do take in any other Ebonheart pact races. Being a mercenary guild we are not limited to simply just warfare, depending on what is needed of us we will remain flexible to that role bringing with it a wide variety of roleplaying events and scenarios. Depending on the amount of interest we receive in the future we may feel it is appropriate to evolve to more than that of a mercenary guild and become a separate entity in its own right if we find that it does not violate the lore of the ES

In accordance with ES Lore, we are constantly familiarising ourselves with the unofficial and official wiki’s as well as other sources to ensure that we deliver an ‘above-board’ experience you’d expect to have playing with like minded individuals.

Our mission statement with regards to the faction is to play the role of a faction specific fighters guild with less scrutiny on the chivalry of how we complete our assigned tasks. The preservation of the realm however is often taken into account, but only as much as the gold sways us. We’re looking to delve into both PvE and PvP from a RP aspect to bring a well rounded experience allowing versatility when we develop our contracts and adventures.

The website is now officially up and running and recruiting has become available, at this time officer positions are limited as are general member slots, but please do not let that turn you away. We consider each person very carefully and we will not simply dismiss you without a second thought if perhaps your not as experienced as the rest of our player base. The details to our site can be found to the left hand side of this page, we hope to answer any questions you may have so feel free to ask them here or on our forums.

Where is the guild based?
This has not been fully decided yet but it will most likely be in Skyrim and perhaps when we know more about the game we could even have our own outpost in Cyrodiil although not definate it may still become reality.

Who leads the guild?
The guild in character and out of character is owned jointly by myself and two others who you may find more about on our guild website.

Our criteria to meet our recruitment needs
Loyalty! - If you are in this guild you are not permitted to be in another roleplaying guild with the same character that is part of the Ebongarde.

More loyalty! - We ask that you have joined no more than one-two other guilds (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

A good grasp of English - ...Self-explanatory

No meta-gaming or power-emoting! - If you have roleplayed before you will most likely know what this means, if you have not roleplayed with others before then it is for example: your character must never assume that whatever they have done when interacting with another character has worked such as a very brief example: "Wulfric disarms Lydia". That is power-emoting. Meta-gaming is for example knowing someones name before you have met them.
(Possibly more to be added soon)
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Ebongarde | Heavy RP | Mercenary Guild Comments
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
Come on! None are tough enough to step up to the plate so it seems ;).
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Not Set
Looks very nice :-D
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
As mercenaries would people accept the payment of jobs before or after completion, would it depend on the task? Say someone asks for a member to bring them six Chitin Plates, and two steel bars, would you charge them before questing out, or after the Materials have been gathered?

Or in the event that someone would like a merc to protect them through dangerous lands? Would you recieve payment first for the protection, or after the player reaches their destination?

Also I aim to be a Smith type character who would give special rates to members for equipment, would I also recieve a special rate for protection should I join?
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