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Ebonheart Trade guild Innitiative – Proposal and Discussion

Started by LGAllastair
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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)

Hello, this ideas was originally conceived by Rigma Osrad (A.K.A."Squishy") of Guild Vokundein of the Ebonheart Pact. As an officer of Vokundein I am assisting him with this effort and presenting the idea to the various communities out there so we can kick start this innitiative. I'm here to introduce this idea to guilds all across the Ebonheart Pact. Understand that this is more or less an outline of the idea, and it will be subject to change due to it having to be approved and tweeked by a various number of Ebonheart Guilds.

As many of you know, ESO has announced that players will be able to join a maximum of 5 guilds on 1 account. In addition, there is no "Server Public Auction House" like in Wow. In fact all trading and economic activity is done inside your guild and guild only. Due to this fact, we (Rigma and others in Vokundein) have developed this idea of a "Public Trading Guild" for all significant and active guilds to do commerce in. This is an attempts to unite the Faction in trading activity. If you have not been keeping up with the news all of this information can be confirmed by Maria. In this link ESO Official News.

Quote:"Right now the technical limit is 300. We have not stress tested it right now. The way that trading works though is that trading works within your guilds and you can be in multiple guilds. So what we kinda expect is for the community to start making merchant guilds where they’re buying low selling high-end doing economy that way because with our mega server technology we can’t just have everybody on one huge auction house and have 10 100 billion cabbages up for sale. So the way that we do it is you trade within the guilds that your part of. Right now you can be part of 5. Right now the Guild’s limit is currently 300. We have not stress tested that so I don’t know if that number is going to fluctuate here and there. It probably won’t go very far away from 300 so merchant guilds are probably going to be very worthwhile."

The Outline

Current Guilds that have agreed on taking part in this effort: (a few guilds were approached and we are waiting for answers, we hope to reach more of you with this post)

- Blazeheart Pact

Trade Guild – Ebonheart Trade
Status – Open for Public/Faction Recognized

Commerce Office’s Statement – “To my fellow Ebonheart Pact brothers and sisters, it has come to my attention that due to ESO’s announcement of no server auction house system, that the formation of this trade guild is in order for the use of public commerce. Since trading is restricted to inner guild economies, the importance of this guild will allow any guild or individual access to this public market which provides a fair and equal environment for public trading. It has also been announced in ESO, that individuals will be able to join multiple guilds, so this will not hinder your “association” or involvement with other guilds.” – Rigma Osrad in association to Trade Council.

Trade Council Statement – “It is for the best benefit of our glorious faction in the establishment of this public trade guild in order for it to provide a fair and equal public market in where players can sell their commodities and have the consumers decide the price. The sole purpose of this trade guild is to provide a public market and is in no means influenced or under direct authority of a guild or individual party.”

What are the rules and regulations of the Ebonheart Trade guild?

There is currently no rules or regulation in regards to public trade for this guild. We will of course have rules in regards to spamming and ill behavior that disrupst trading in the guild, we are also developping ideas for activity check, ensuring that only active crafters and gatherers are part of this guild. But when it comes to the trading itself it is a tenant of this guild that regulation on trade hinders economic progress, therefore there will be no rules hindering your ability to trade. As consumers decide the price of commodities and natuarally influence the market.

What is the guild structure/ ranks?

Like any guild, a basic structure must be put into place for it to function for its purpose and duty. As a public trade guild, structure will differ from that of a normal guild. As there will be no direct "Guild Leader" or administration besides that of the “Trade Council” that will handle administrative matters in the guild. For now this is the basic guild structure, this is all under development and obviously up to change as more guilds join this innitiative and provide feedback we will mold the structure as needed.

Below we have the ranks that we plan to have on the Ebonheart Trade guild and their “job description”. I also go over an estimative of the numbers we are looking at for the guilds progression. Whenever a number is mentioned please keep in mind that it is subject to change as we develop the idea further.

Tradesman: This is the default rank of everyone who joins the guild. A tradesman needs to have at least one character with one of the five crafting professions well developped. If they do not have a well developped profession they can still join as a farmer/ gatherer, in which case the activity officers will have a higher expectations of how many materials they put up for sale every week. Each guild in the Ebonheart Trade is allowed to have 10 slots for Tradesman (that includes the ambassadors). Considering that we have 300 spots in the guild the maximum number of guilds joining the Ebonheart Trade is initially 30, which is a lot of guilds. If needed in the future we will change this number.

Ambassador: This position has as much authority as the Tradesman rank, the difference is that this is the assigned representative of their guild in the Ebonheart Trade. Whenever a Tradesman is innactive and removed from the Ebonheart Trade the Ambassador for that guild will be notified and explained why that person was removed and that they now have one free slot to place another crafter on. Ambassadors can also remove the Tradesman that belong to their guild from the Ebonheart Trade or replace them as they wish. They cannot touch Tradesmen from other guilds.
All messages concerning the Ebonheart Trade community will be sent to the ambassadors so they can take it to their own guild. Ambassadors can also call for audiences with the Trade Council and even petition for a guild meeting with all other ambassadors if they have a legitimate reason. The request must go through the Trade Council first. Each guild in the Ebonheart Trade needs to assign a minimum of 1 Ambassador and a maximum of 2, the second ambassador will act as a backup in case the main one is away or unreachable in any way, it is not a needed position but it is advisable that ambassadors have a backup. Ambassadors also need to be active crafters or gatherers like any Tradesman, we cannot afford to have people in the guild who will not contribute to the market.

Activity Officer: The activity officers will be responsible for doing weekly (bi-weekly? Still up to discussion) activity checks in the guild. They will not only verify who is logging on and active as they will also check who is placing things in the market and participating on trade. We still do not know how much work this will be and how viable it will be to perform this activity check, so it is hard to say how many activity officers we will need and how much work they will have. This will not only depend on game mechanics but also on how many members the Ebonheart Trade has at any given time. We will also have to count on the Ambassadors to check the activity of their own members and remove them in case they are kicked from their original guild or simply go innactive, but if they don’t then the Acitivy Officers will have to do it for them. This will be an easier job if the Trade House for the guild provides a detailed log, we will have to wait and see. They are also required to be active in the market like the tradesman.
Activity officers will also manage the roster of the guild by controling how many slots for Tradesmen each guild has, this will be kept open to all embassadors to see so they can better manage their crafters within the Ebonheart Trade. Activity officers don’t need to belong to any guild in particular and they don’t need to be Ambassadors, but they could be. We will have to take whoever steps up for the position.

Council member: This is the rank given to the main Ambassadors in the Ebonheart Trade, it is the position of most authority in the guild. Council members will have the final decision on any matters of the trade, they will handle any issues of behavior that arise and decide upon the rules that need changing or adjusting of any kind. Each Trade Council member needs to be from a differnet guild to avoid decisions that will favor one community or the other, they will also have limits to their powers (to be detailed).
The initial council members will likely come from the founding guilds that start the effort of the Ebonheart Trade, but they can change at any time. Any Ambassador can apply to be a Council member and if one is needed then all the other Ambassador get a vote to agree or disagree with the election of the applying Ambassador. If approved they will be put in the council until they leave or get removed by the other council members due to breaking rules, innactivity or improper behavior of any kind (detailed rules to be developped). Members of the Trade Council are not required to be active in the market themselves if they don’t want to, this is mostly an administration position and since the number of Council Members will be small the impact in the market if they are innactive should be minimum.
The council must always have an odd number to avoid problems with voting. The number of Council Members in the Trade Council of Ebonheart Trade will depend on how many guilds we have. It should be 3, 5 or 7, we should probably start with 3 and raise the number as the guild grows.

Requirements to join the Ebonheart Trade

Again, nothing here is set in stone, these are initial requirements thought of by Vokundein officers and a few members, but it can be changed upon discussion with interested parties. This is just to lay outr the basic idea behind what we are trying to build but it is fundamental that we all from the Ebonheart Pact build it together.

1 - Only Ebonheart Pact guilds on the PC and Mac megaserver may apply.
2 - The guild applying must have a minimum of 30 ACTIVE members on their roster. Activity requirements will be taken into consideration by the Trade Council (if the guild doesn’t have any form of activity control they will likely be denied).
3 - The applying guild must have at least a private forum, a website is not required but will help a lot with the acceptance.
4 - Upon joining the guild must fill at least 5 of their crafter slots, at least one of those needs to be the ambassador for that guild.
5 - The guild applying must read the Ebonheart Trade rules and regulations letter(not yet drafted). Upon posting your application you state that you have read them and agree.

Next steps:

The idea now is to gather interest of the most active and influential guilds in the Ebonheart pact and start the discussion. Once we have suport we can decide upon which Ventrilo/ Teamspeak/ Mumble we will meet and how we will discuss this. Vokundein (mostly myself) is willing to help organize this effort. But in order to gather and discuss we need other guilds out there to manifest their will to join and support this. Make a post below and state what you think, talk to the officers in your communities and point them towards this, we need to raise awareness for the fact that Zenimax is giving us the tools to organize ourselves and have a stable trading environment, let's take ownership of this cause and make it happen!

If interested, please apply to the Ebonheart Trade guild with the following template. copy it, fill it in and paste it on your post:

Guild Name:
Guild Focus:
Guild Leader
Website link:
Forums link:
Member count (aproximate at the time of application):
Ambassador in the Ebonheart Trade:
Ambassador’s e-mail:

1 - Is your guild part of any bigger gaming community? If so please explain it briefely and provide links to websites or relevant info.

2 - In a paragraph or two please explain what is the mission of your guild and what you stand for. If you have any particular goals or accomplishments please state them too.

This all sounds awesome and all, but what’s in it for me? What's in it for my guild? What are the benefits?

Public Market – Well time is money, and the more time you waste trying to establish yourself in the public market is just losing you potential profit to establish yourself in the public economy. This trade guild allows you access to a particular public market used by several guilds, which would allow an easier access to sell/buy commodities.

Roleplay – This trade guild also has a concrete basis for players who wish to create lore regarding the faction, and provides unlimited potential to be harnessed for roleplay purposes.

Publicity and diplomacy benefits for guilds – I would imagine this trade guild serving as the prime hunting grounds for recruitment for multiple guilds. So I would be assuming guild’s all over Ebonheart benefiting this as well as players searching for guilds to join. community reputation will play a big role in this effort, we don't want to have guilds know for griefing, trolling ot breaking rules in the Ebonheart Trade pact. This will be bigger than a single community, being in the Ebonheart Trade guild will be a benefit granted to the most reputable and social guilds and players out there.

Popular Concerns

Since there's only 300 guild spots. Who is going to be in this trade guild if it's open to every guild/public?
A: To keep this guild effectively self-sufficient. 50 positions of each profession will be allowed, we have 5 professions so doing the math 50x5=250 Crafters total in the guild. The other 50 slots will be gatherers/mat farmers/consumers as well as the Trade Council. This will keep a balance of sellers/buyers and keep a balanced market., the balance on the roster is supposed to be controlled by the Acitivity Officers. Please keeo in mind that none of those numbers are finalized yet.

What if this guild has the best prices and it's full, what then? Will your guild Vokundein members have priority to be in this guild first?
A: Absolutely not! I'm sure many of you will be creative and use friends that are in the trade guild to your advantage. Vokundein members (nor any other guild members for that matter) will not have priority to entrance of this guild. Due to the Trade Guild being on neutral grounds and not controlled by an individual guild or party. We will have members of multiple communities in the Trade Council and several Ambassadors, all from different guilds, watching the rules and guidelines to make sure no one manipulates them towards their own community.

If supported by your guild administration, I promise on behalf of my reputation, that guild administration will be properly informed and kept in full detail with the development of this idea. If any further questions, please feel free to reply under this thread or send me a private message. I thank you for choosing Ebonheart Trade as your future public market. - Allastair and Rigma Osrad of Vokundein.

PS - Due to numerous requests from other members of different factions that wish to borrow this idea as a format, that is acceptable as long as credit goes toward original author/post.
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Definitely a good way to capitalize on every member with the tight guild restrictions we're seeing

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Ebonheart Pact (Nord)
We just decided to centralize this discussion, we created a public area in our own forums so we can all gather up and provide feedback.

This is a TEMPORARY measure, Ebonheart Trade will likely not be hosted on Vokundein forums! We have been in contact with several guilds and being with them on so many different forums and trying to coordinate, having to send the same message over and over again, was getting tiresome and messy. With this centralized area anyone can see the discussions, even if you’re not logged on. And if you want to participate you can register in our forums and post into the “Ambassador check In” thread. Once you do, one of Vokundein Moderators (likely myself) will give you the proper title and then you can particiipate on the discussion with all of us, submit materials, criticize the things we already have up and whatever else you feel is needed.

Keep in mind that to be an ambassador you need to represent a guild or community. If you are not in a guild or if you are just a regular member of your guild and not an officer, but you still wanna say something or manifest your opinion you can register and post anyway, the forum sections are opened. Just keep in mind that non constructive posts will be deleted by the moderation.

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