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Quick Info
System : PC/Mac
Faction : Ebonheart Pact
Play-style : Moderate
Focus : PvE, PvP
Time Zone : North America
Guild URL : Visit Site

Guild submitted by Yipez.
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About Ecliptics
Ecliptics is first and foremost a group of friends. We are an established group that has it's origins in games such as Diablo 2 and EverQuest 1; but have been raiding as a unit in World of Warcraft since The Burning Crusade expansion. Most of us have met in person at least once, and we go out of our way to be more than a group of gamers and to be a complete unit, in and out of game. Long story short: we aren't going anywhere. I don't mean we aren't going anywhere in the sense that we'll be here for a couple years, I mean that in the sense that 40 years from now Ecliptics will still be a community of very close friends, and whether we still raid or not at that point isn't our main concern.

Knowing that, we place a huge emphasis on fitting in with our group. Playtime, effort and skill are also taken into account, but nothing more than how you engage with the community and present yourself. Just something to keep in mind.

Our team has a tremendous history of top-tier performance across many different games. From housing numerous multi-Gladiators in World of Warcraft, to top-ranked raiders in the world, to competitive Counter Strike and Dota players. We value, to an extreme degree, quality above quantity and we acknowledge, as you should, that we will not take everyone.

We will be active in both the PvP and PvE environment in ESO.
-We acknowledge that with our playtime we might not be world-first raiders, but we will progress at an alarming pace for the amount of time we put in, as we always have.
-Having a huge competitive PvP backbone and a roster of celebrated, well-known PvPers throughout the years, you can bet that we will be a known presence in ESO as well.

As a note, we do not require that you do both PvP and PvE. If you don't like one, nobody will force you into it.

Now, for the technical information: Ecliptics is a guild that will be raiding/PvPing in ESO come launch. We will be playing as members of the Ebonheart Pact faction, and as it is a single server we will be playing on that one.

-Currently, we raid three nights a week; Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 pm to 12 am EST. These times are not set in stone for ESO and will be re-evaluated when needed, and all input is considered.
-We use, and always will use, a loot council for loot distribution. Our history proves that we are very fair when it comes to this, and we have never had any drama arise due to it.
-We do not have attendance requirements. Real-life comes first and we don't shove 90%+ requirements down anyone's throat. We recognize that stuff comes up and just ask that you let us know ahead of time.
-We do have performance requirements. We do sub people out due to performance. This applies to people who have been with us from the start and people we have just met.
-We do not like to carry fat with us. Our roster will run just a few people over what is necessary to progress, after that we will only invite those that acknowledge they will most likely not be raiding with us.
-Our focus is on having fun, enjoying the game, and enjoying the company of your guildmates. We don't put up with drama. We don't want you if you don't enjoy yourself.
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