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Edhan Barein

Started by Iogairn
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Name- Edhan Barein
Race- Redguard
Age- 26
Gender- Male

Backstory- The house of Barein was not rich in lands or wealth, but it's reputation as the family of fierce warriors and Forbear supporters earned it much respect and influence. Edhan was the third of four sons of Darenz Barein, a famed warrior and a skilled politician. However, Darenz was also radically inclined towards a new Republic, and in fact spearheaded a movement to achieve it.
Although the group itself was peaceful, there were many of the lower classes who wanted change, causing riots to spring up in the major city of Skaven, near to the home of Barein, harming industry and causing damage to the Crown society. These riots were put down swiftly and bloodily, a message was sent across the loyalists: the Republicans needed to be removed.
After several failed attempts at politically manoeuvring Darenz and his supporters into a trap, they hired assassins to cut off the head of the movement: Darenz Barein.
At the dead of night, half a dozen Dark Brotherhood assassins crept into the home and butchered Darenz in his sleep. However, as they were leaving through the window, Faren, the youngest of the brothers at the age of eight, saw the assassins and their work and screamed. The assassins realised that they would have to kill every single person in the house.
The first leapt across the room and ran Faren through. As soon as the child's body stopped twitching, Edhan and his two brothers, Solam and Armoad, leapt into the room, swords in their hands. Solam, the eldest, was not trained as a warrior first, instead becoming more politically motivated as the head of the house should be. Unfortunately, this was useless now. An assassin lunged, then feinted, cutting through his throat. Armoad and Edhan were, however, a different matter entirely.
They spread out across the room, spinning and swerving as they went. Edhan had killed two personally in the first charge before he was stopped by a scimitar of the last. They duelled across the room, parrying and slashing at increasing speed, attempting to get the better of another. They were so involved in their fight, that Edhan didn't notice that Armoad had been slain as, despite him being the superior swordsman to Edhan, he had let one get behind him, who held his arms as the other drove his shortsword repeatedly into Armoad's stomach. Sticking to the shadows, they moved around the room and, when the time was right, drove a sword into the back of his leg.
Screaming in pain and fury, Edhan fell to the floor. Without a word the assassins left the room. However, as a final reminder and to make sure no-one would survive, one dropped a torch onto the floor. It immediately caught light and spread around the room, eating away at the timber. All Edhan could do was watch and weep as the flames surrounded him. He saw his family's bodies being shrivelled and the ornately decorated tapestries which hung on the walls being ripped, almost, by the climbing frame. And then he fell through the floor.
The ground floor hadn't been touched by the flames as yet, although planks of wood which had splintered off contained flames and they were starting to have the same effect. Edhan was near to giving up. He had no reason to enjoy life now. He had no family, no friends, no home. But his training and teachings kicked in. If there was one reason for him to live, it was honour. He would avenge his family and, although he couldn't live life as a politician or a noble anymore, he could rectify things on a small scale.
With a surge of rage he lifted himself off the floor and almost threw himself, suing only one leg, at the weakening wooden wall. It broke through and he immediately rolled in the grass, getting rid of the flames. Tearing a piece of cloth from his shirt he tied the wound in his leg shut. He watched as his home burned to the ground, the top floor crashing into the ground. He gazed throughout the night, thinking about his course of action. As the flames finally disappeared, leaving the house in ashes, a glint of gold stood out. The sword of Barein, his fathers weapon lay untouched. With a large groan he pushed himself forward and placed his hand on the blade's golden hilt, pulling it close to him. But the wound had gotten the better of him. He felt exhaustion creeping up on him and in the middle of the Hammerfell night, the darkness fell on his eyes. It was then, when the rage and the fear had disappeared that he lost his passion for revenge. And so he let the darkness take him...
When dawn came, a mage came across the ashes of the Barein house. Seeing the body of Edhan, barely alive, he rushed over and used his magic to clear the wounds and cleanse the illness from the body. It was a good hour before Edhan stirred from his troubled sleep. He woke up alone in a tent, his wound now just a scar. The mage came in and introduced himself as Alator, Archmage of the Council of Arcanaea. He offered sanctuary and a new home for Edhan among their ranks as a warrior. Edhan, confused about his life, agreed. They went to the headquarters of the guild and he took an oath to serve the council. That night however, when the rage had simmered and become a cold fury, he swore another oath: to take revenge on the ones who brought his father' and brothers' deaths...

Personality- Edhan was brought up to be loyal and honourable. However, since the murder of his family, he has become more wary. He is naturally distrustful of people and will only call a person 'friend' once they had earned it. However, he has learned social graces and can put on a false face if necessary, and can even enjoy himself in other people's company, without trusting them. Because of his wariness, he can often appear cynical and sarcastic. Since the rage started simmering in him, there is always the possibility that he will explode.

Skills- Dual wields two scimitars, very proficient with them. Wears leather/ light armour.

Religious Views: Follows the eight with no great passion, although he appreciates Stendarr on a personal level.

Political Views: A Forbear Republican, like his father. Despite the Forbears being slightly more tolerant towards magic than the others, he still has a great distrust of Daedra. He does not hold any great love for Emeric, though he will fight for the Covenant with pride.

(((This is still a WIP especially what happens before the attack and his personality)))
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Woop, Iog made a Redguard :3 Nice work!

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